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Restoran Fei Fei Crab Desa Aman Puri Kuala Lumpur

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Restoran Fei Fei Crab Desa Aman Puri Kuala Lumpur

Craving for crabs? Well, time to revisit Restoran Fei Fei Crab at Desa Aman Puri Kuala Lumpur. The last time we visited Restoran Fei Fei Crab Desa Aman Puri Kuala Lumpur was over 10 years ago and recently we went there to get their popular crabs for our boy’s birthday dinner.

fei fei crab aman puri kl

You can purchase Fei Fei Crab online for delivery or you can self pick up from the Restoran Fei Fei Crab Desa Aman Puri Kuala Lumpur outlet. We chose to pick up from the Restoran Fei Fei Crab Desa Aman Puri outlet since we were around that area for work.

If you intend for take away, you can check out their menu at: https://rb.gy/ujfyjs and then order at Kepongdelivery.feifeicrab.online or order hotline at https://wa.me/60102344311

fei fei crab box

Now, they offer a big box for their food delivery which we think it is practical as everyone wants their food sealed and clean especially during delivery times.

It is easier for delivery and more organised, less plastic bags and food is still warm when we reached home. This is Restoran Fei fei delivery box and not special customised for us or PlacesAndFoods.

fei fei crab places and foods

Let us show everyone what we ordered for our birthday dinner. Basically we ordered Hamsap Crab XXL, Sour and Spicy Crab, White Pepper Lala with Spinach Soup, Sweet and Sour Pork, Spicy Fried Garlic Prawns, Cantonese Yuen Yong Noodle and Fried buns.

Before we start to talk about the food we ordered, please do manage your expectation of Chinese food takeaway in general as the taste might not as good as it is served in restaurant. Some food might not be crispy or too soft or cold so please do understand the taste and texture will be slightly different. We will be lying if we said the food is as good as served in the restaurant.

fei fei crab hamsap crabs
Hamsap Crab XXL

Hamsup in Cantonese simply means horny. In short, Hamsap Crab means ‘horny crabs’. The sauce for the hamsap crab is the mixture of butter sauce and salted egg sauce.

This unique sauce is exclusively available at Restoran Fei Fei Crabs and the taste is creamy and buttery savoury sauce and the kids loved it.

You can also enjoy the fried buns with this creamy hamsap sauce. This signature Hamsap Crab is a must order as it is enjoyable from young to old.

fei fei crab spicy sour crab
Sour and Spicy Crab

This is a classic sour and spicy crab. The sauce is not too spicy with hints of sour taste that will not overwhelm the natural sweetness of the crabs.

The crabs by Fei Fei are fresh, filled with meat and very tasty and it goes well with the sour and spicy crab. You can also complement the fried buns with this sour and spicy sauce.

fei fei white pepper lala with spinach soup
White Pepper Lala with Spinach Soup

This is something new we wanted to try. This is the White Pepper Lala with Spinach Soup. The soup is strong with white pepper taste with hints of the spinach taste.

The lala is fresh and they are generous with the spinach and white pepper but this is not spicy at all. If you are white pepper lover, you can order this but if you are not, you can stick with ‘kam hiong’ or superior soup.

fei fei crab sweet and sour pork
Sweet and Sour Pork

The sweet and sour pork comes with generous sauce but it is not shown in the photo. The sauce is sweet and savoury while the pork is still crispy and soft in texture. The most important thing is our boys enjoyed this sweet and sour pork.

fei fei crab spicy fried garlic prawn
Spicy Fried Garlic Prawns

This is something new from their menu, the spicy fried garlic prawns. This is called ‘pei fong tong’ prawns and to be honest, this should taste better in their restaurant as the crust is not that crispy anymore but the taste is still good.

If you want to taste something different than the usual butter or salted egg prawns, you should try this spicy fried garlic prawns.

fei fei crab cantonese noodles
Cantonese Yuen Yong Noodle

Instead of rice, we ordered the Cantonese Yuen Yong Noodle. What we like about this noodles is the well flavoured kuey teow and crispy mee hoon.

The sauce is flavourful, not over starchy and the taste is spot on. Not just the kids, we enjoyed their version of Cantonese Yuen Yong noodle very much.

fei fei crab places and foods

Overall, we loved most of the food we ordered. The few dishes that really impressed us are the crab dishes as well as the Cantonese Yuen Yong Noodle. We highly recommend you to order the Hamsap Crab not because it is hamsup but it is tasty. Their crabs are fresh in general especially if you are loyal customers of Restoran Fei Fei Crab Desa Aman Puri Kuala Lumpur.

fei fei crab placesandfoods

If you are craving for some fresh tasty crabs, time to order it at Restoran Fei Fei Crab Desa Aman Puri Kuala Lumpur. Do check out their menu as they offer many unique flavours that goes along with their crabs.

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Restoran Fei Fei Crab Desa Aman Puri Kuala Lumpur

Address: 7A, Jalan Desa 2/7, Desa Aman Puri, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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