February 9, 2023

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Losing My Smell and Taste Buds due to COVID

One of the major symptoms for COVID-19 is the losing the smell and taste buds. It happens to most COVID-19 patients including myself. The first few symptoms I get when I got COVID-19 positive is fever and dizziness and then I started lose My Smell and Taste Buds due to COVID.

Like I mentioned in my earlier blogpost, things start to fell apart. While I got positive on ATK test and PCR test, I tried to pull myself together as family members are getting COVID-19 positive and I had to be isolated at MAEPS with the advice of CAC (COVID-19 Assessment Centre).

If you have symptoms and you are unsure, please make sure you do a quick ATK saliva test at home and do another PCR test if you are still unsure. Remember, ATK saliva test do not offer you 100% accuracy so please manage your expectations.

Once I was admitted to MAEPS, I have lost my smell and taste buds. To be honest, on top of dizziness and fever, I was disappointed and worried as smell and taste buds means a lot for me.

My wife also lost her smell and taste buds as she was quarantined at home with the kids while I was alone at MAEPS with hundreds of other COVID-19 patients.

New friends at MAEPS

Losing My Smell and Taste Buds due to COVID is expected but the duration of that period of time is unknown. My wife recovered within three to four days while it took me more than one week (around 10 days) to start to recover some smell and taste buds.

Typical meal at MAEPS

For almost 8 to 10 days, I lost appetite and I tried to eat but everything seems stale and tasteless. I tried to eat every meal but most of the time, I will drink supplements or MILO and hence I lost around 4kg within 12 days.

I regained my smell and taste after 10 days and that is how I start to eat again. The first indication is the sense of sweetness from MILO as well as the smell of the dirty toilets. That is how I start to get back some sense of smell and taste buds.

Like I mentioned earlier, the duration of getting back the smell and taste buds depends on individuals. My wife got it back within 3-4 days and most people in MAEPS got it back within one week while I took around 10 days. I heard some people never recover or only getting back the smell and taste buds up to 60-70%.

On top of losing smell and taste buds due to COVID, I had blood inflammation issues after 7 days and it was detected on my third blood test in MAEPS. I had medicines and I am recovering from it and I plan to do another scan next month.

To be honest, losing my smell and taste buds due to COVID is scary as no one knows how long it will take to recover as it is based on individuals. Luckily, I managed to recover but it was a scary 10 days without smell and taste.

Many people say COVID-19 is a not a big problem when you are vaccinated but actually it is based on individuals and your immune system. Don’t take COVID-19 lightly as it can really damage your body forever.

What I can do is sharing my experience of Losing My Smell and Taste Buds due to COVID to you and everyone. I have been very careful but still I got COVID-19 without knowing the real reason. I am looking forward for the booster shot and if you have any questions about COVID-19, we will try to answer based on my experience. Take care and be safe everyone, sorry to nag but we just want everyone to be safe.

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