December 8, 2023


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How did I get COVID 19?

I have been careful from day one and I followed every single Standard Operating Procedure that is out there. I am on full mask when I am outside and I didn’t really go out to order food or dine until recently. How did I get COVID 19? This is the biggest mystery what will haunt me and my family forever.

maeps covid 19
MAEPS Serdang

I tried not to take away food, self-cook at home and also not to dine in until recently. I wear three ply mask all the time when I am outside, I don’t even go outdoor or exercise without mask, I don’t mingle around without mask on.

I wash my hands, sanitize, shower, change mask and do whatever I can from time to time to keep myself and my family safe from COVID-19.

I do not travel interstate and only brings the family around when on weekdays when places are empty and avoid crowded areas. We make sure everyone is mask on, sanitize and wash their hands often and follow SOP.

Then, one family member start to show fever, it happened so fast and I have no idea what to do and what to do react. I started to get test kits and started to do PCR tests. Like I mentioned earlier, it happened so fast and I don’t even have that time and mind to react.

Just like that, the whole family got COVID-19 and I was advised to check into MAEPS by the CAC (COVID-19 Assessment Centre). With the advice of CAC as well as my doctor friends, I admitted to MAEPS while my family quarantined at home.

It was just hours, I started to pack for MAEPS and I have no idea how long I need to be quarantined at MAEPS.

For the first week of COVID-19, I was not thinking well, fever on and off and I often worried about my family at home, my parents as well as other family members. The mental stress kept on playing in my head until I am fully recovered.

How did I get COVID 19? I have no idea but I did went to empty mall, watch empty cinema, dine in at empty restaurant, went to wash my car and went to a few places with full SOP. I have been careful in all my visits, kept on sanitizing, changing mask, washing hands, keep on showering and distancing myself to others from time to time.

MAEPS Serdang

How did I get COVID 19? I have been thinking of this for the past two weeks and it makes no sense at all!

This will haunts me forever! While the numbers look decreasing, MAEPS was almost packed for the past few days and I have received messages from friends they are getting COVID-19 positive. COVID-19 is not getting away yet, please take care of yourself even though you are vaccinated.

I have COVID-19 for the past 14 days, stayed in MAEPS for 12 days, lost my taste buds for over one week and gradually recovering now. I am grateful to all the new friends, doctors and nurses who worked 24/7 at MAEPS to make sure all of us are fully recovered. Please take care again my friends and be safe and COVID-19 free please. My family is fully recovered and we still follow the SOP and stay at home now. Read also Three Essential Items You Must Have At Home.

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