June 3, 2023

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Three Essential Items You Must Have At Home

If you follow my Facebook or Instagram, I just recovered from COVID-19 after 12 days in MAEPS Serdang. There are so many things to share so let me share three Essential Items You Must Have At Home whether you have COVID-19 or not.

The Three Essential Items You Must Have At Home are the Oximeter, Body Temperature Measurement and Blood Pressure Monitor.

You can easily get these items on Shopee or your nearest pharmacy:

Omron blood pressure meter: https://shp.ee/w6dvf8b

Pulse Oximeter: https://shp.ee/q3uyqeb

Oximeter is the most important tool and it is advisable to monitor from time to time. If the oxygen level is 95% and below, this means you need to contact the local CAC (COVID-19 Assessment Center) and wait for the next course of action. At MAEPS, the doctors monitor us at least three times a day and hence the importance of these items.

For the body temperature measurement, just monitor yourself whether you are still having on going fever or not and same goes to the Blood pressure monitor. Make sure that the blood pressure is under control.

You have to monitor your oxygen level, blood pressure level as well as body temperature when you get COVID-19 and self quarantine at home. You need to submit your daily report to your MySejahtera. These figures are not just for show but it is vital especially your oxygen level.

Please take note these are just Three Essential Items You Must Have At Home and please seek local CAC (COVID-19 Assessment Center) advice if you have COVID-19. I just hope to share what I have gone through for the past 14 days of quarantine. Any questions, please do comment and I will share more about MAEPS Serdang soon.

I have lost my taste buds and regained it back gradually, my body is still weak and tired after 14 days of COVID-19. Please take care of yourself and your family.

There are reasons why doctors in MAEPS are measuring us with these three items as it is essential and important. Please take note for that. If something is wrong with the reading, you will know that something is wrong and you need to seek local CAC advice for that. These Three Essential Items You Must Have At Home can help you out at home.

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