December 7, 2023


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Pelicana Chicken Eight Kinrara

Time for a quick food review sharing. We recently discovered that Pelicana Chicken opened a new outlet at Eight Kinrara. The last time we had Pelicana Chicken was in E-Curve shopping mall a few years ago and the outlet was closed since then.

pelicana malaysia

We never know what is Pelicana Chicken until a friend introduced it to us a few years ago. Do you know that Pelicana Chicken is originated from South Korea?

Pelicana Chicken is founded on 27 April 1982, a popular Koraen fried chicken chain based in Gyeryong, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea. From what we read, Pelicana Chicken had over 2000 outlets in South Korea.

We loved their fried chicken from our first visit at Pelicana Chicken E-Curve a few years ago and hence we decided to order again from the Eight Kinrara outlet.

The Pelicana Chicken Eight Kinrara was for delivery only so we ordered their Classic 1982 Chicken Wingett and Drumette and Honey Soy Boneless Chicken.

pelicana chicken malaysia

The Honey Soy Boneless Chicken comes with generous portion. The honey soy sauce is sweet while the chicken is tender in texture with crispy outer layer. Due to take away and you can see the heat is trapped inside the box, the outer layer of chicken is not as crispy as it is supposed to be.

pelicana kinrara fried chicken

The Honey Soy Boneless Chicken is really tasty. The tender chicken is good with rice or own its own but the most important thing is the kids loved it. The sweet honey soy makes this very addictive and this is highly recommended if you plan to get this for the kids.

pelicana kinrara korean fried chicken

The Classic 1982 Chicken Wingett and Drumette comes in six pieces. The Classic 1982 sauce is mild spicy sauce. The chicken is no longer crispy due to takeaway while the spicy sauce is mild and not strong enough. They have other sauces and you consider ordering the spicier sauce for that kick. The chicken is still good but the Classic 1982 sauce is not as spicy as we wished.

Overall, we are now a fan of Pelicana Chicken and if you are Korean fried chicken lover, give this brand a try. This is from Pelicana Chicken Eight Kinrara. Please take care everyone and be safe!

Pelicana Chicken Eight Kinrara

Address: B-LG-10, Lower Ground Eight, B), Jalan, Jalan BK 5a/1, Bandar Kinrara, 47180 Puchong, Selangor

Phone: 017-603 4798


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