April 21, 2024


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How to declare COVID positive in MySejahtera

Since I posted my experiences of getting COVID-19 and post COVID-19, I received many private messages from friends who got COVID positive. I think it is time for me to do a blog so whoever who has symptoms and who tested COVID positive, I will send this story for them to read. For those who test PRC test COVID-19 positive, the big question is How to declare COVID positive in MySejahtera.

mysejahtera covid positive declare

Most people will do the RTK test once they started to have symptoms and if you get a positive result, you should do PCR test immediately and self quarantine at home. Once you received your PCR result, if it is negative life goes on but if you get positive, keep calm and plan for your next 10 days.

First, you need to declare COVID positive in MySejahtera. The big question is How to declare COVID positive in MySejahtera.

mysejahtera declare covid positive
Click – ‘F’ I am COVID-19 positive

Open your MySejahtera app, go to Helpdesk and scroll down until ‘F – I am COVID-19 positive and would like to report my results.’ You can also visit MySejahtera Website at https://mysejahtera.malaysia.gov.my/help_en/

mysejahtera covid positive details
Please key in your phone number and email address.

Click and then you will need to provide your details like phone number and email address.

mysejahtera helpdesk address
Remember to key in your current home address.

Next, fill in your current address with the right district and state and then move on to next page.

mysejahtera swab test
Click where you did your PCR test or did u just do your RTK test?

Where was the swab test done? Click the relevant answer where you did your PCR test or your self test RTK test.

mysejahtera covid positive tests
Please select which test did you did.

What type of test was done? Since I did PCR, I just click RT-PCR.

mysejahtera covid positive submit results
Remember to attach your result via photo or via lab report. I submitted my PCR lab report.

Remember to upload or snapshot the test result and submit.

mysejahtera update symptoms
Subsequently, you can update your symptoms at Mysejahtera.

At your MySejahtera Apps, you can also Update My COVID-19 Status at (more) to update your symptoms.

mysejahtera symptoms submit
Fill in all the questions and click submit.

Please submit your COVID-19 symptoms thru your MySejahtera Apps.

So what to do next? You can contact COVID-19 Assessment Centre and you can read more and find out your nearest CAC at https://covid-19.moh.gov.my/hotline

COVID-19 Assessment Centre CAC
If you are worried like me, I visited the CAC with my family for assessment and I was asked to quarantine in MAEPS.

We drove to CAC and get our assessment there, my family was advised for home quarantine while I was admitted to MAEPS.

I hope this will helps those who got COVID positive and now you know how to declare COVID positive in MySejahtera. Please remain calm, get your medicine and vitamins and quarantine for at least 10 days. Monitor your blood pressure, blood oxygen level and body temperature as you need to send daily record via MySejahtera App.


If your blood oxygen level is below 95% please contact CAC for advice. If it is an emergency, please call 999. I wish everyone recovers well and get well soon for COVID-19 positive.

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