January 29, 2023

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Restoran Fei Chui Kajang

This is probably the best and most popular restaurant in Kajang. Formerly Restoran Hei Loi Tan Kajang, Restoran Fei Chui (加影斐翠大酒家) is a Chinese restaurant located Lot 1942, Jalan Wan Siew, Sg Chua Kajang. The restaurant is a huge building and it is located along the Jalan Wan Siew in Sg Chua.

Restoran Fei Chui has been around for over 12 years and to be honest, this is one of our favourite restaurants in Kajang. The restaurant is huge enough to host a wedding banquet and it looks very grand from the exterior to interior. Even the restaurant looks very grand, the pricing of the food here is reasonable and cheaper than most Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya.

Restoran Fei Chui offers their own parking spaces within the building but is usually packed during dinner times and they also hire RELA to divert traffic during weekends as well as wedding banquets. There are many parking spaces available nearby when the parking spaces in the restaurant is full.

We went there a couple of times and this is the most food we ordered in one of our recent visits to Restoran Kajang Fei Chui. We went there for events and banquets but this time it is for a simple family dinner.

We ordered Steamed Fish with Ginger, Sweet and sour Pork, Salted Egg Calamari and Claypot Brinjal with Minced Pork. This is the humble dishes we ordered and they have more spectacular dishes available so please do ask their captain for recommendations if you want to order something special from them.

Steamed fish with Ginger

Steamed Fish with Ginger. This is simple steamed fish with grated ginger and the taste relies on the freshness of the fish with the light aftertaste of the ginger. If you want something light, you can order this steamed fish with ginger.

Salted Egg Calamari.

Salted Egg Calamari. The taste is immense with the salted egg with hints of spiciness from the chili. The salted egg coated the calamari and it is deep fried to perfection.

Claypot brinjal with minced pork.

Claypot brinjal with minced pork. The texture of the brinjal is soft while the taste is flavourful with the minced pork. This really goes well with the white rice.

Sweet and sour pork

Sweet and sour pork for kids. Most of our food reviews in Malaysia often comes with sweet and sour pork as our boys loved it. Their version comes with crispy outer layer, tender texture with the strong sweet and sour sauce. As usual, our boys loved this.

Good food and reasonable food pricing, Restoran Fei Chui is one of the must visit Chinese restaurants in Kajang. The food we ordered are just simple food and they do offer many unique and signature dishes you might want to try. If you never been to Restoran Fei Chui, maybe you should on your next trip to Kajang. This is not a sponsored review.

Kajang Fei Chui Restaurant (加影斐翠大酒家)

Opening Hours:

Address: Lot 1942, Jalan Wan Siew, Sungai Chua, 43000, Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia

Phone: 019-8221772

Whatsapp : 019-8221772

Website: https://www.kajangfeichui.com.my/

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