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Restoran Old Dragon Semenyih

This is one of our favourite Chinese restaurants in Semenyih. We visited Restoran Old Dragon at Kawasan Perniagaan Kiara Semenyih for a couple times after this restaurant was recommended by a friend who stayed nearby. This is another food sharing session and this is not a sponsored review.

restoran old dragon
Restoran Old Dragon Semenyih
Restoran Old Dragon is a popular restaurant and it is often packed during dinner times especially during weekends. It is a typical air-conditioned Chinese restaurant and they are popular with their ‘lai sar’ fish and ‘Ye Heong Pot’ curry seafood claypot.

restoran old dragon menu
Restoran Old Dragon Semenyih menu

They have an English menu and we find their food pricing is reasonable and that is one of the main reasons that the restaurant is often packed with customers.

restoran old dragon fried fish
Lai Sar Fish

We ordered their famous ‘lai sar’ fish. It is fried fish filled with sliced apple, chili and ‘lai sar’ (crunchy eggs with sands texture).

restoran old dragon lai sar
Crispy Eggs

The fried fish fillet is crispy and the taste with the apple and onion is a bit sourish, spicy with the hints of the crunchy eggs. You get the dry crunchy fish fillet texture with the refreshing apple and onion texture. This is their signature dish and the combination of flavour and texture makes this dish very tasty and delightful.

restoran old dragon ye heong seafood pot
Ye Heong Pot

They called this ‘Ye Heong Pot’ , a type of curry seafood claypot. This is quite unique as the curry pot comes with prawn, clams (la la), cuttlefish, tofu skin, mushroom and minced meat.

The curry taste is quite mild but you get the juicy flavours from the seafood and this goes well with the rice. This ‘Ye Heong Pot’ is their signature dish and we usually ordered this whenever we dined in for dinner.

restoran old dragon mantis prawn marmite
Fried Mantis Prawn with marmite

Lastly, we ordered the fried mantis prawn with marmite sauce. This is what we ordered for our boys as they love fried mantis prawn or sweet and sour pork. The crunchy friend mantis prawn is covered with the sweet marmite sauce and usually the kids will love this dish.

If you are in Semenyih and you want some unique seafood dishes, you can visit Restoran Old Dragon. This restaurant offers good food with reasonable pricing and there are lots of parking spaces around this area. We might not share those viral or fancy restaurants like others but we do share restaurants with good food like Restoran Old Dragon Semenyih.

Restoran Old Dragon Semenyih

Opening Hours: 11.30 am to 2.30 pm, 5 -10pm (Closed on Mondays)

Address: NO5-G ,JALAN KIARA3,KAWASAN PENIAGAAN KIARA,43500 Selangor, Semenyih,

Phone: 016-2828213


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