March 30, 2023

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Hojicha Ice Cream Recipe with Secai Mache

Are you big fan of Hojicha? Hojicha is roasted Japanese Green Tea and it is usually golden brown in colour. The taste of Hojicha is usually more intense than the usual Japanese green tea. It is not easy to get quality Hojicha and that is the reason why you should check out Secai Mache at With the Hojicha powder, you can make your own hojicha ice cream with this simple recipe.

Secai Marche is a farm-direct platform that links Japanese and local farmers and enthusiastic chefs and consumer from all over the world. If you browse through the website, you will notice that they import air flown ingredients and food from Japan every Thursday.

On top of that, they also offer quality Japanese fruits and food. The Hojicha powder is from Shizuoka and it is available at the website.

It is really hard to buy Hojicha Ice cream in Malaysia and hence I try to make my own Hojicha Ice Cream and create this recipe. This is a very simple Hojicha Ice Cream Recipe using just four ingredients.

Hojicha Ice Cream Ingredients:

2 tablespoons of Hojicha powder (purchased at Secaimache)

200ml of Whipping Cream

80ml of Fresh Milk

100 gram of Caster Sugar

Ice Cubes

One medium size mixing bowl

One huge size bowl for the ice

Watch the video as it takes a couple of minutes to make the Hojicha ice cream. You need a container for the ice cream to leave it overnight in the freezer.

Let me elaborate more about the Hojicha Ice Cream Recipe. We use two tablespoons of Hojicha powder with two tablespoons of water. If you want more intense flavour, you can add three tablespoons of Hojicha power with three tablespoons of water.

I felt that the Hojicha ice cream sweetness is spot on but if you feel that it is too sweet, you can consider reducing to 80 gram of Caster Sugar.

Since this is a very simple Hojicha Ice Cream Recipe, you might want to make one tub of ice cream and then you can ‘fine tune’ the recipe into your preference taste. The different types of brands of whipping cream might also affect the taste of the Hojicha Ice Cream.

You can substitute the Hojicha powder with Green Tea Powder or other powder like Chocolate powder to make different types of ice cream.

I have made a few tubs of Hojicha Ice Cream and this is cheaper than what you can get out there. Try this Hojicha Ice Cream Recipe by Secaimache and let us know your outcome. Remember, you to check out Secai Mache for their products at

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