April 13, 2024


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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Camera Review

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is probably one of the most exciting smartphone for 2021. When it was launch this year, everyone was very excited to see the comeback of the flip phone. It is not just an ordinary flip phone but packed with many awesome features including their camera.

galaxy z flip3

When I first hold the phone, it reminds me of the old Startec phone that I had back in the old days. However, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is a smartphone and it IPX8 which is waterproof, the first for flip phone.

z flip 3 front camera
Front camera selfie

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is small but the camera is still as good as many smartphones out there. Let me show some of the sample photos that I took when I had the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 comes with two cameras (unlike Z Fold3), the front camera and the rear camera. The front camera is 10 MP and rear camera 12 MP.

You can check out the video below for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Camera Review.

What I like about the front camera is it can take horizontal and vertical photos or videos. Don’t worry so much about the 10 MP as the quality is good enough for social media postings.

z flip 3 wide angle
z flip 3 rear camera
z flip 3 3x zoom
3x zoom
z flip 3 10x zoom
10x zoom

For the rear camera, the photos work perfectly from ultra wide angle to 3x zoom photos. For that, it is good enough for portrait or travel photos.

The 4k video for the rear camera is good and it is more than enough for IG or Facebook posting. To be honest, it is still decent for Youtube.

z flip 3 night shot

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Camera Review is better than expected for a flip phone. For more information about Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3  and Samsung’s Year End Promotion, please visit: https://www.samsung.com/my/offer/smarter-gifts-2122/smartphones/

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