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Chun Me Food Trading Dried Meat

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Chun Me Food Trading Dried Meat

Happy New Year everyone. This is another short food review on Chun Me Food Trading Dried Meat. Chinese New Year around the corner and it is time to share CNY related food and this is one of them.

chunme trading dried meat

This is my first time getting Chun Me Food Trading Dried Meat and Meat Floss and I have no expectation of it. To be honest, some of the popular dried meat brands quality has dropped over the years and that is the reason why I am looking at other brands.

Chun Me Food Trading are base in Petaling Jaya and they are establish since 1979. I had the sliced meat, dried meat pork and chicken and the meat floss (chicken and pork).

chun me trading dried meat

I tried the dried meat and sliced meat so far and it is better than expected. The sliced meat is not too tough and I enjoyed the taste. The dried meat texture is spot on and the taste is pretty good and I like it.

One thing I must highlight is the size of the dried meat which is bigger than what I have tried in the past. The average size is bigger than the size of the bread.

chun me trading malaysia

Nowadays, most of the dried meat are individually wrapped and this means it has longer shelf life as well not so messy when you eat it.

I like to make the dried meat sandwich with butter or you can always add cucumber, meat floss or egg based on your creativity.

chun me trading dried meat sandwich

Overall, the Chun Me Food Trading Dried Meat is something you can consider of getting for this Chinese New Year.

It is 2022 and you don’t need to go to their physical shop to purchase as you can now purchase it online at Lazada at: https://invol.co/cl7v2bz

Happy New Year everyone and this is Chun Me Food Trading Dried Meat.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chunmefoodtrading/

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