December 8, 2023


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Yuan’s Hainanese and Western Jade Hills

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Yuan’s Hainanese and Western Jade Hills

The newest and latest restaurant and crazy in Jade Hills Kajang. The Yuan’s Hainanese and Western opens at Dataran Jade, 39-1, Jln Dataran Jade 4, Jade Hills Kajang a few days ago. Since it is near my place, I went to check out this Yuan’s Hainanese and Western Jade Hills on their opening day.

yuan's hainanese and western jade hills

Yuan’s Hainanese and Western is a popular restaurant and their outlet in Cheras often packed with long queues. That is the main reason why we wanted to check out this place and wonder what is the buzz all about.

We went before the lunch crowd during off peak hours. There are many staffs and the service is top notch. We managed to get a table without queue around 11 am and it starts crazy around 11.30 am onwards.

yuan's hainanese jade hills

Took the menu, take some photos and start ordering our food before the restaurant get crowded. We ordered the Hainanese noodles, Dry noodles with Curry Chicken, Hainanese chicken chop, Hainanese tea and ‘cham’.

This is our first time trying Hainanese noodles and it was an eye opener. The taste of the Hainanese noodle is subtle and even with the pork lard, the taste is so strange and weird.

yuan's hainanese noodles

The presentation was not great and the taste is definitely new to us. This is just not our cup of tea and probably the last time we ordering Hainanese noodle.

yuan's dry wantan mee with curry

The dry noodles (egg noodles) with curry chicken. Again, the presentation of the food looks horrible and this comes with few pieces of brinjal and dried long beans. The taste is not too bad while the curry is spicy and we like how they put the crispy fried beancurd skin but we had better ones.

yuan's hainanese chicken chop

This is their version of Hainanese chop. Again, the presentation looks pale but this probably the best food we ordered. Crispy fried chicken covered with the Hainanese sauce. The kids love this one.

yuan's hainanese tea and coffee

Lastly, the Hainanese tea is up to expectation and same goes to the ‘cham’. The drinks were good but the food is above average. Probably it is the first day of the operation and the food is not up to its usual standard.

yuan's jade hill

Based on the food that we had, we don’t understand the craze but maybe they were not ready on the first day. Maybe there are more people love their food than us but it is still worth the try. Please do feedback to us if you want. This is our honest review on Yuan’s Hainanese and Western Jade.

Yuan’s Hainanese and Western Jade Hills

Opening Hours: 8 am to 5 pm (Closed on Wednesday)

Address: Dataran Jade, 39-1, Jln Dataran Jade 4, Jade Hills, 43000 Kajang,

Phone: 03-2811 2736

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