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Ichiran Ramen Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

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Ichiran Ramen Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

Something to share since we are unable to fly to Japan in some time. This is our visit to Ichiran Ramen on our last trip to Shinjuku Tokyo Japan. It was in December 2019, just months before the pandemic and we are unsure when we will be visiting Japan again.

ichiran tokyo

Ichiran Ramen is originated from Hakata, Fukuoka. Their ramen is called Hakata style which means Tonkotsu ramen (pork bone broth). We visited the headquarter of Ichiran Ramen at Fukuoka and we will blog about it another time.

What you need to know is Ichiran Ramen created ‘Five Originals’ and according to their website, these are five revolutionary elements of tonkotsu ramen.

1. Original Spicy Red Sauce

2. Aromatic Tonkotsu Broth

3. Solo Dining Booth

4. Order Form

5. Kae-Dama Ordering System

You can watch our short video and it basically from queuing up to ordering via the ticket booth as well as into the solo dining booth and order form. The Kae-dama ordering system is to add more noodles to add into your broth.

ichiran ramen japan menu
ichiran ramen vending machine
ichiran ramen preference

Why people love Ichiran Ramen because they can customized the ramen based on their preferences. You can customize the texture of the noodles, broth, ingredients and taste.

ichiran ramen tonkotsu

This is why you get the ‘perfect’ ramen at Ichiran Ramen as there is no such thing as one ramen fits all.  The texture of the noodles is spot on (what you tick) and the pork bone broth noodle is very enjoyable, just nice. The original red sauce offers hints of spicyness while the char siu is soft and tender.

ichiran ramen tokyo

We visited Ichiran Ramen in Osaka, Tokyo and Fukuoka and their noodles and broth is consistently tasty. We know there are many better ramen shops out there but Ichiran Ramen is probably the most popular among all. So this is just a quick story on our visit to Ichiran Ramen at Shinjuku Tokyo Japan.

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