February 5, 2023

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Plaza Low Yat Hong Kong Food Culture Has Closed Down

There is this Hong Kong restaurant at Plaza Low Yat that we frequently visit back then as they always offer a special deal on the roast duck rice as well as their tasty curry fish balls. After 18 years at Plaza Low Yat, Hong Kong Food Culture Has Closed Down as announced on their Facebook Page.

Credit: https://www.facebook.com/hongkongfoodculture/posts/1896203533919845

Maybe this is not a big news to many people but for many Plaza Low Yat regular customers, this Hong Kong Food Culture will be badly missed. The main reason is they offer Hong Kong style cuisine and they are not the regular franchise restaurants that mushroomed around Klang Valley.

They posted this on their official Facebook Page in Chinese.

昨天2022年 2月20日 是港飲港食 low yat plaza 營業的最後一天, 感謝 所有顧客 過去十八年對我們的支持, 感謝 各方面的媒體 在過去給我們的報導及評價, 更加多謝 過往曾經在我們店工作過的本地及海外員工 ,多謝 網紅馬拉妹出閘主持 親臨 做一天服務員 令這天的完結更加有意義。

最後更要多謝 劉蝶廣場老闆 及所有工作人員 在過去給我們 的方便 及背後的支持 成就了港飲港食,把正宗的香港美食 在吉隆坡刘蝶廣場 發亮發光。 更要多謝, 多謝 很多很多 這幾天 過嚟打卡的朋友 在此謹祝大家 , 身體健康事事順利 ,如有新的 動向 將會 在此為大家公佈 。

                    港飲港食總廚 marco Ma 


This is the English translated version

Yesterday, February 20, 2022 was the last day of graduation at Low Yat Plaza, Hong Kong Food, Low Yat Plaza. Thank you to all customers who have supported me over the past 18 years. Thank you to the media from all sides who have supported me in the past. Thank you, to the local and overseas employees who have been working so hard at my shop. Thank you. Sister Yat Plaza for coming out and hosting, and relatives who have been a day of service, making the completion of the seven days more meaningful.

Lastly, I would like to thank Baba Lao and all the staff members for their convenience and support in the past. They have achieved Hong Kong food and Hong Kong food, bringing authentic Hong Kong cuisine to shine in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you even more, thank you very much. Many, many friends who have been checking in late for seven days. I wish you all the best, health, and success in everything. If there is a new trend, I would like to inform you all.

Hong Kong Drinking Port recipe Marco Ma

February 21, 2022

Source: https://www.facebook.com/hongkongfoodculture/posts/1896203533919845

It is not surprised that business is getting tougher as there are more restaurants as well as less customers as there are more IT malls and shops around Klang Valley. Back then, it was only Plaza Low Yat and Imbi Plaza. Not forgetting, people are ordering their computer parts online and hence the decrease of customers at Plaza Low Yat.

However, Plaza Low Yat Hong Kong Food Culture didn’t mention the main reason why they have closed down.

Credit: https://www.facebook.com/hongkongfoodculture/posts/1896203533919845

Plaza Low Yat Hong Kong Food Culture brings back good memories where we used to spend hours looking for computer parts and had a quick fix at the restaurant. We hope they find a new place for their restaurant. It is official as Plaza Low Yat Hong Kong Food Culture Has Closed Down.

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