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Panasonic launches Tangle-free & Bacteria Removal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner in Malaysia

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Panasonic launches Tangle-free & Bacteria Removal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner in Malaysia

This is the cordless stick vacuum cleaner that many parents are waiting for. Parents with kids and fur-kids can attest to the challenges of keeping living spaces clean especially as more time are spent indoors. Thanks to Panasonic’s introduction of its Tangle-Free Hair Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner(MC-SB85), parents can now have that extra peace of mind knowing that hair-free floors and dust-free carpets are just a button away. Available in three variants, Panasonic’s brand-new vacuum cleaner is the ultimate cleaning tool for households with young kids and pets.

Panasonic Launches New  Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

“Children and pets undoubtedly make households livelier, but it can also bring about additional worry as to whether the environment is clean and hygienic enough for them. At Panasonic, we understand parents are concerned if they are providing the best care for their families, which is why we have designed a tool that not only ensures cleanliness but makes the cleaning process seamless. Parents will never look at chores the same way again when they see how efficient and fuss-free our new range of vacuum cleaners are,” said Keisuke Nishida, Deputy Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia.

Panasonic Launches New  Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Some of the key features include:

  • Revolutionary new power nozzle ensures a tangle-free vacuum experience
  • Ion plate coated nozzle neutralises bacteria for added hygiene
  • Unique house dust sensor to automatically detect dust and adjust suction level
  • Stainless guard anti-clog filter system for easy and stress-free maintenance

Hair is the biggest issue when it comes to cleaning – not only are they on floors, carpets and sofas, they jam the cleaning heads of the vacuum cleaners and clog filters which affects the suction power. This common problem is a familiar situation in a lot of households especially those with pets. To combat this issue, Panasonic developed a new technology, designed in a conical-shape brush, to collect and transfer hair to the thinner centre of the vacuum head before it goes sucks in completely. This unique patented technology makes the tangle-free power nozzle feature exclusive to the brand and helps users save more time and effort when cleaning the nozzle.

The tangle-free power nozzle is also coated with an ion plate that does double the job of removing bacteria from the floor for added hygiene. This feature works well in cleaning up after pets who roam freely indoors and outdoors as the ion plate neutralises microbes transported from outside the house. Fur parents with toddlers can be rest assured that their babies are crawling on cleaner floors with just a simple vacuum.

MC-SB85 tangle free

Panasonic’s new cordless stick vacuum cleaner additionally keeps the living spaces dust-free with a special in-built house dust sensor that automatically detects and adjusts the suction power according to the amount of dust detected. This efficient use of energy extends the running time of the vacuum cleaner and reduces the noise to a manageable level if a higher suction power is not needed. Upon suction, dust and dirt flow through a stainless guard anti-clog filter system that traps it for easy cleaning after.

On the power front, this new vacuum cleaner boasts 150W of suction power that can last a long 85 minutes[1], granting users more than enough time to clean the whole house. Gone were the days of manually adjusting the power level only for the cordless vacuum cleaner to run out of battery and interrupt the cleaning process.

MC-SB85 Brush

As for the maintenance, our new tangle-free hair cordless stick vacuum cleaner MC-SB85 is designed to make the cleaning routine almost effortless and stress-free. The disposing of dust and dirt can be managed with a simple press of a button without getting hands dirty while the dust box is fully washable without needing to worry about dust mites flying about. This feature comes in handy especially for parents that juggle between several chores. Weighing only 2.0kg, the vacuum cleaner is light, easy to operate and can extend to clean higher places. Its minimalist yet stylish design fits any house interior when both in use and parked idle.

MC-SBV01 slant(1)

Panasonic’s cordless stick vacuum cleaner is additionally available in two other variants with varying features to suit different needs. The MC-SB30 model, weighing 1.6kg, is a lite version that works extremely well in high and narrow spaces, eliminating the strain of cleaning stairs and under furniture. Its lightweight body houses a high-efficiency compact motor and drive system that provides high power of 100W, and a unique V-shaped brush that efficiently collects dust and moves it to the central suction inlet for thorough cleaning. With two types of bristle ends, the brush is capable in removing minute dust particles from floors, carpets and other surfaces.

The MC-SBV01 model on the other hand is heavier duty, with a 0.6 litre large capacity and 20W for a deeper clean. Its power nozzle is self-propelled for faster cleaning and has LED lights attached to it to guide users vacuum every speck of dust in hard-to-see areas. Weighing 2.3kg, this equally lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner distributes 1.5kg of its main unit up to the handle to allow for a higher centre of gravity – this extends the vacuum cleaner’s versatility from floor to ceiling. Both MC-SBV01 and MC-SB30 models come with the house dust sensor, anti-clog filter system and easy cleaning features.

MC-SB85 lamp red

Available now at authorised dealers’ store nationwide and Panasonic online stores, the tangle-free hair cordless stick vacuum cleaner is available at RM2,799 (MC-SB85); RM1,199 (MC-SB30) and RM699 (MC-SBV01) respectively.

For more information, please visit Panasonic Malaysia Web Site.

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