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Activate Your Immunity and Stay Protected with PROVITAL Immuna Plus

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Activate Your Immunity and Stay Protected with PROVITAL Immuna Plus

As we age gracefully, it is very important for us to boost our immunity and stay protected. With the recent rising cases, it is important to take note of our immune health and even with vaccination, we should not let our guard down as having strong immunity is important for our body to combat illnesses. This is why you need to ‘Activate Your Immunity and Stay Protected’ with PROVITAL Immuna Plus.


Mead Johnson Nutrition launched its Activate Your Immunity, Stay Protected campaign last monthled by adult nutritious milk, PROVITAL Immuna Plus. The campaign is a collaborationwith the Malaysian Society of Allergy and Immunology (MSAI) in conjunction with World Immunity Month. The community awareness campaign comes at a crucial time in light of new viruses that continue to emerge. The educational campaign aims to empower Malaysian adults to take charge of activating their immunity so that they can stay protected during these uncertain times.

The Activate Your Immunity, Stay Protectedcampaign calls for Malaysians tofirst self-assess their immunity levels with the Immunity Calculator which is backed by science and endorsed by MSAI. Malaysians can check their immunity score on www.provital.com.my/immunitycalculator

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I have checked my immunity score and it is at a satisfactory level. To keep myself protected, I will be taking PROVITAL Immuna Plus as it has yeast beta-glucan, selenium and vitamin C to help support the immune system to maintain my health.

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A defining element of PROVITAL Immuna Plus formula is the Triple Immunity Protection, a unique blend of nutrients selected to support a healthy immune system. This blend includes yeast beta-glucan that helps to activate immune responses to fight against infections and colds, selenium to regulate the body’s immune functions and vitamin C to strengthen your immune system1,2,3.

The PROVITAL Immuna Plus is very soluble and you can mix with cold or warm water. I prefer to mix it with room temperature water and have it every morning and evening. The taste is fragrant with Vanilla taste and it has become a norm for me.

According to research, 9 out of 10 adults reported no cold and sore throats symptoms after 12 weeks on yeast beta glucan. Provital provides 204mg of yeast beta-glucan (2 servings/ day) which is the recommended level effective in supporting immune system that is prone to colds 4.

For the past couple of weeks after taking PROVITAL Immuna Plus,I seldom have sore throat or cold. This is the sign of the improvement of my immunity so I will continue taking PROVITAL Immuna Plus.

I never forget my Provital Immuna Plus whenever I am getting ready for work. The PROVITAL Immuna plus contains the 3 key nutrients that Provide Triple Immunity Protection (Yeast Beta-glucan, Selenium, & Vitamin C) that supports healthy immune system.

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To find out more about PROVITAL Immuna Plus, visit its website (www.provital.com.my) or Facebook page (Provital Malaysia). PROVITAL Immuna Plus is now available at leading pharmacies, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and e-commerce stores in 480g and 960g pack.

Now, you can get it at Shopee with Voucher code: PROVITAL and get 15% off at Shopee PROVITAL store (https://shope.ee/99iWpAL9kW ) valid till 30 Apr 2022


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