February 7, 2023

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Innergie One For All Type-C Fast Charger Best for Traveling

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Most electronic devices comes with fast charging capability and most mobile phones adapt no charger policy. This is the reason why you should look for a reliable and good Type C Fast Charger. Innergie offers One For All Type C Fast Charger series. Innergie, a brand of Delta, is a leading provider of consumer power solutions with Delta’s 50 years of advanced technical experiences.

Most devices are adapting Type-C port now but lots of mobile phones do not offer any charger anymore. Hence, it makes sense to get the Innergie ‘One For All’ Chargers. One For All means One Adapter For All. With Innergie’s comprehensive charging solution, you can find a ‘perfect fit’ for your daily mobile life.

One For All Concept

Whether you are home, at work or even traveling, you need a Type C Fast charger. Innergie offers ‘One For All’ solution that is compatible to most gadgets, including laptop, mobile phone, tablets, gaming devices, headphones and so on.

You can also use it with cross brand, cross device, reduce clutter to one simple charging solution!

Dynamic Power Allocation

There are many chargers out there that do not offer proper power for your devices. That means it does not offer fast charging at all for multiple devices. For Innergie, they offer the Dynamic Power Allocation.

This means it automatically detects, calculates, & outputs the correct power for your devices. All your devices are charged with the correct power.

Energy efficiency & Sustainability

Innergie One For All Type C Fast Charger comes with high energy efficiency with 91% conversion rate, 3% energy wastage can be reduced each time charging your devices (adapter usually has 89% conversion rate only)

They come with smaller packaging as well, 35% of the package volume has been reduced!

InnerShield™ Protection

Please take note that Innergie adapter is filled with its exclusive ‘InnerShield™ Protection’. Every charger is equipped with five layers of protection based on Delta Electronic technology:

  1. Over Current Protection
  2. Over Voltage Protection
  3. Over Temperature Protection
  4. Over Power Protection
  5. Short Circuit Protection.

Other than that will be:

  • Drop test from 1.5m height in entire One For All series, very durable.
  • Able to withstand temperature up to 85c and down to -40c

Innergie One For All Type C Fast Charger

From left to right, C6 Duo, 45H, C3 Duo, C6

Which is the ‘Right’ Innergie for you?

There is a reason why it is called ‘One For All’ power solution.

For Example:

1. If you are at office or at work, to charge your working laptop (60W) & phone, all you need is a C6 Duo

2. If you are at home, to charge your another laptop / gaming console (45W) & phone, all you need is a 45H

3. If you are cafe hoping, to charge your phone & bluetooth earphone / tablet, all you need is the smallest C3 Duo

4. If you are traveling, you need to charge your phone, camera and other devices, you can choose 45H or C3 Duo.

5.  If you are working on laptop only, or have fewer needs to charge devices simultaneously, then C6 is perfect for you to carry with ease.

With the Innergie One For All Type C Fast Charger, I am ready to bring them for my travel assignments as Malaysia open International border this month.

Using Innergie USB-C Power Adapter at Phuket Thailand

Traveling with Innergie One For All Type C Fast is ideal as it offers charging for multi devices and the most important part is they are small, easy to carry and convenient. Traveling smart is traveling light as well a bringing the best travel companion.

Instead of bringing multi chargers, Innergie ‘One For All’ series can reduce clutter at home, at work and at travel.

Time to purchase your ideal Innergie One For All Type C Fast Charger at: https://bit.ly/37BdnDt

Buy now with coupon code Innergie_WN to enjoy 20% off, valid for two weeks only whilst stock last

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