June 6, 2023

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How to Apply Thailand Pass Test and Go Plan for Malaysians

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How to Apply Thailand Pass Test and Go Plan for Malaysians

Finally, the guide to how to How to Apply Thailand Pass “Test and Go” Plan for Malaysians. I just applied my Thailand Pass and it was approved for less than 24 hours and I will guide you through the whole process.

Thailand Pass Test and Go Plan for Malaysians

Firstly, you need to visit the Thailand Pass website at: https://tp.consular.go.th/

This guide is for fully vaccinated travelers from Malaysia only and please refer to the website if you are not Malaysian or not vaccinated.

What you need to have to apply Thailand Pass Test and Go Plan?

  1. Flight ticket to Thailand
  2. SHA Extra + Hotel with Receipt
  3. PCR Test Appointment Invoice for First Day inThailand
  4. Thailand COVID Insurance Plan (US$ 20k)
  5. MySejahtera Vaccination Certificate
  6. Malaysia Passport and expiry is more than 6 months

Remember all these documents must be in JPG format and not PDF format. You need to attached the files while you applying.

Visit Thailand Pass website at: https://tp.consular.go.th/

Click either your Air Travel or Land and Choose NON-Thai and English.

Types of COVID insurance

You can purchase your Thailand COVID Insurance at: https://tqm-app.com/static/thailandpass/index.html

For your information, I purchased MSIG insurance for 15 days coverage for my 10 days trip. You can also choose AXA insurance as it is recommended by my friends. The choice is yours.

MSIG COVID insurance

Please take note that the Test and Go Plan for April is RT-PCR Test on Arrival (1st day) and RTK AG test onf (5th day) and for Malaysia border rules, you need another RT-PCR Test 72 hours before you come back to Malaysia.

Malaysia Border Rules

For more information please visit https://www.tourism.gov.my/media/view/malaysia-ready-to-welcome-international-travellers-as-borders-fully-reopen-on-1-april

Click Test and Go

You need to fill in the Purpose of Travel page with your purchased air ticket attached and that includes the airport you are visiting in Thailand. For Example, my first arrival port is Phuket. Flight number is required.

Port of arrival simply means your first city of arrival eg Phuket / Bangkok

Next, you need to key in your Passport Details with a photo of your Passport Detail. Make sure your Malaysia Passport is not expired and you take a clear shot of your Passport.

Passport details (not expired) with photo of your first page

This is the page you have to fill in your COVID-19 vaccination with types, date and certificate that you can download from Mysejahtera. Remember to enter all the necessary information including your Booster shot.

Vaccination details including the certificate (from MySejahtera)

This page is for you to enter the first hotel stay and invoice must be included. They will check with the hotel so you need to book and pay the first night and this hotel must be a SHA Extra Plus hotel.

You can book at Agoda or contact Hotel directly

Remember to upload your Hotel invoice.

For this page, you need to purchase your first day RTK-PCR test and the prices depends on where you visit and clinic. Remember to attached the receipt or else your Thailand Pass will be rejected.

My RTK PCR Receipt

After you completed all the steps, you will get a special number. You will need to use the number to check your Thailand Pass application.

You will be assigned a number, don’t lose it!

What happened to my application was rejected at first as I entered the wrong Passport number for my RTK PCR test. I messaged the clinic and they rectify the problem and I resubmitted the new receipt.

For less than 24 hours from my first Thailand Pass Test and Go Plan application, my Thailand Pass was approved. This is faster than my friends application in March.

Please take note that there could be lesser COVID test from May onwards and I will update the Thailand Pass accordingly. I hope this helps you to apply and understand more about How to Apply Thailand Pass Test and Go Plan for Malaysians. See you in Thailand!

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