November 30, 2023


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Professional RTK AG Test with MyDocLab™

The Malaysia International border opens 1st April 2022 and there will be many travelers visiting or coming back to the country. There are rules and regulations for travelers to visit Malaysia and one of them is the professional RTK AG test within 24 hours of arrival. The good news is you can do the Professional RTK AG Test with MyDocLab™ via virtual screening in app.


Who are MyDoclab™?

They are a one stop digital lifestyle healthcare App where users can manage their everyday healthcare needs & self health status On-the-go. . It allows convenient usage and better accessibility to diagnostic & health care services, and shortens the turnaround time of the process.


Why MyDoclab™?

You can use MyDoclab™ to perform the professional RTK AG test anytime, anywhere. It is  Convenient, Save Time & affordable at Only RM15. (Use my PLACESANDFOOD with only RM13.)  The professional test report will be provided in app on the same day. (The virtual screening and professional Test report are validated by their partner’s clinics/doctors whom were registered with Ministry of Health Malaysia) 

COVID Professional Report

It is important to have the Professional test report as it is required by Malaysia government and this can be done with MyDocLab™.

With MyDocLab™, you can also get the FREE Insurance coverage if you use ProDetect® Rapid Test Kits by Mediven which is available at Major Pharmacies and Outlets. Earn Healthcare Rewards when you constantly use the app.

On top of that, you can also buy COVID Travel Insurance from Tune Protect via the app. This is part of the requirement from the Malaysia government. Its easy, convenient & hassle-free.

Other cool functions of MyDocLab App is the group management feature, Companies/Event organizers can now easily track and receive test results in a contactless manner for Free.

This means for example, if you are organizing an event, all your guest whom is invited can now do their Self Test at the comfort of their own home and upload the results to MyDocLab app by scanning or key in your QRcode (Register your event/company using MyDocLab’s group management/corporate function, The QRcode/corporate code will be auto generated to you) prior to attending the event and these results will be sent directly to the organizer of the event. This is a more cost effective & hygienic way then to set up a line at the entrance of the event requiring guest to their self test.


Lastly, there is an ongoing giveaway which will end 22nd May, where you purchase the Prodetect test kit & Register with MyDocLab & submit your self test result. You can win prizes up to 250k.

For more information of MyDocLab, you can visit to their website or scan the QR Code to download the apps via Google Play or Apple IOS.

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