January 28, 2023

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Rojak Ali Lido Kampong Jawa Melaka

This is an interesting find by my father during our recent trip to Melaka. My father created a food list that is not part of the ‘viral’ list on Facebook and Rojak Ali Lido Kampong Jawa Melaka is one of them.

Rojak Ali Lido has been around since 1971 and they have been selling rojak for over 50 years at Kampong Jawa. The interesting part is there are very least people blog about it even though they have been around for 50 years? Is that weird right?

They just moved to this restaurant this couple months as they have been operating on a stall at Jalan Kee Ann for decades. Now, they are at a proper restaurant next to the iconic Lam Sing Coffee.

We went there on the weekday, right after lunch and hence there were not many people there. The restaurant is kopitam style so don’t expect anything fancy. Here you can find most customers are locals.

A quick glance at their menu and you can find the prices are still reasonable and cheaper than Kuala Lumpur. Rojak is priced from RM 4.50 and Cendol is priced from RM 2.

Let me put a quick disclaimer first. Everyone’s expectation for their rojak is different and this is the same applies to cendol.

We ordered Rojak, Cendol Jagung and Cendol Ais Krim. We were here more for snacking rather having a proper meal. We just want to try as many food as possible as we seldom travel to Melaka.

The Rojak really impressed us. What we like about this rojak is the ingredients are very fresh and the sauce is not spicy.

The rojak is still crispy and immense with the sauce. One plate is never enough as the taste and texture is really good. Even my boy loved this version of rojak.

The cendol is decent and it is not too sweet. The green jelly is fresh and comes with nice texture and this is very enjoyable. The boys loved this.

There are still many things you can order from their menu like Rojak Mee or Mee Rebus but we already enjoyed their rojak and cendol. If you are at Melaka, you can give this Rojak Ali Lido Kampong Jawa a try.

Rojak Ali Lido Kampong Jawa Melaka

Opening Hours: 8.30 am to 8.30 pm

Address: 44, Jalan Pasar Baru, Kampung Jawa, 75100 Melaka

Phone: 014-758 2070

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