April 2, 2023

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Panasonic offers new range of Water Purifiers with wellness solution

Something very important to share as I believe every home should have a good water purifier. Living up to its ‘Healthy Everyday with Panasonic’ promise, Panasonic Malaysia unveiled two of its latest range of water purifiers – the Panasonic Water Purifier, an under-sink type water purifier (TK-CB430-ZMA), and the Faucet Water Purifier (TK-CJ600 and TK-CJ300) at a launch event hosted at the brand’s Panasonic HOME.2.COM Solution Centre. The introduction of these water purification solutions come at a time where both external and internal health and wellbeing are prioritised by many Malaysians.

I went to the product launch at Panasonic HOME.2.COM Solution Centre yesterday. The Panasonic HOME.2.COM Solution Centre offers many unique products including the yesteryears products which I find it very fascinating and informative. This is under the Panasonic 100 years of history.

On top of that, you can find many new and update Panasonic products at Panasonic HOME.2.COM Solution Centre. If you plan to get new electrical items, you can come and check out this place.

Panasonic offers new range of Water Purifiers with wellness solution and they are Panasonic Under-sink Water Purifier (TK-CB430) and PANASONIC Faucet Water Purifier (TK-CJ600 and TK-CJ300).

1. Ms. Janice Tan Shin Yin, Marketing Manager, Beauty and Health, E-commerce Department, Panasonic Malaysia,
2. Mr. Hiroshi Kawaguchi, General Manager, Beauty and Personal Care Business Division, Panasonic Corporation
3. Mr. Chew Keng Heng, General Manager, E-commerce Department, Panasonic Malaysia

Panasonic Under-sink Water Purifier, ultimately pure and safe (TK-CB430)

Form and function are always a crucial consideration when inventing products hence with the Panasonic Water Purifier, the brand designed the purifier as an under-sink type to enable neat installation in the kitchen and keep it away from view. The main unit of the water purifier is installed under the sink, leaving more counter space free from clutter while the tankless design allows fresh purified water to flow directly to the faucet. The purifier is also easy to install without power supply or electrical wiring needed as it is powered by three (3) AAA alkaline batteries.

The Water Purifier is equipped with a 3-cartridge purification system consisting of the melt-blown polypropylene (PP) cartridge, the ultrafiltration cartridge (UF) and the compressed activated carbon block (CB) cartridge. As the water flows through the PP cartridge, the turbidity is reduced to 5u¬m where sediments, rust and other solid impurities are removed. The water then gets further purified by the UF cartridge passing through a newly equipped UF filter membrane where 99.999% of bacteria  and 99.9% of virus  (e.g., adenovirus) are filtered; before finally travelling through the CB cartridge where the water is rid of residual chlorine, total trihalomethane/chloroform and other volatile organic compound (VOC) for a taste- and odour-free safe drinking water.

In terms of usage and maintenance, the Water Purifier is fitted with an LCD display that shows the battery life level and cartridge life level which blinks and buzzes to notify the timing of the cartridge and/or battery replacement. Changing the cartridge is also made simple – users just need to rotate the cartridge to align it with the mark on the body of the water purifier then remove it to insert the new cartridge into the body of the water purifier, before rotating it again so both marks are aligned. As for the used cartridge, they can be disposed of in the garbage, no cleaning or maintenance is required.

Faucet Water Purifier, 1 year of clean, clear water (TK-CJ600 and TK-CJ300)

As water purifiers become more common and a necessity for households, Panasonic developed its series of water purifiers to be durable, long lasting and highly effective in removing substances.

The brand’s Faucet Water Purifier series (TK-CJ600 and TK-CJ300) is fitted with a MicroClear4000 cartridge that contains 1.7 times the amount of high-performance activated carbon, an upgrade from previous models and can purify as much as 4,000 L of tap water. This allows higher volume usage, reduces the change of cartridge often and most importantly eliminating the need to purchase 4,000 units of 1 L plastic bottles a year – saving both consumer spending and the environment.

TK-CJ300 Faucet Water Purifier model

The MicroClear4000 technology, which is a Panasonic original, is further embedded with 4-stage filtration that removes up to 17  substances and bacteria from the water. The filtration comes with a mesh to remove visible red rust and dirt, high-performance activated carbon which further removes 13 types of impurities contained in water, ceramic to remove soluble lead contained in water and finally a hollow fibre membrane that removes bacteria and small particles. With this, 99.999%  of bacteria are removed as verified by the Japan Food Research Laboratories.

Panasonic’s new series of water purifiers have enhanced capabilities, in particular, the increased high-performance activated carbon of 170% which allows for larger absorption with nano-sized pockets within the charcoal. New in the activated carbon is also a special surface treatment contains an appropriate air layer in the nano-sized pocket that prevents impurities from escaping. Impurities contained in water are then released into the air to be easily absorbed on the activated carbon surface.

TK-CJ600 Faucet Water Purifier model

As convenience is key to every Panasonic home care solution, the TK-CJ600 Faucet Water Purifier model both come with an LCD screen that shows the exact time to replace the cartridge – each time the water is turned off, the remaining usable capacity will be displayed. The Faucet Water Purifier models are also easy to maintain thanks to three key features: the water flow switch, easy-to-clean detachable tap water outlet cover, and easy cartridge replacement. For the water flow switch, pictograms are printed on the switch to reduce switching mistakes. Cartridge replacement on the other hand can be done on your own in just two easy steps (1) Rotate the cartridge counter-clockwise and (2) pull to remove, then do the opposite to install. With purified water output volume at 1.8 L per minute , users can eliminate the wait for clean water.

Available for purchase at all authorised Panasonic dealers as well as online platforms and marketplace, the Under-sink Water Purifier (TK-CB430-ZMA) retails at RM2,199, while the Faucet Water Purifier models retail at RM579 for the TK-CJ600 model and RM419 for the TK-CJ300 model.

PANASONIC Under-sink Water Purifier (TK-CB430)

•             Three-cartridge Purification that removes 99.9%* of viruses and 99.999%* of bacteria

•             Under Sink Tankless Design

•             LCD Panel for cartridge level and battery level monitoring

•             Easy cartridge replacement

•             Powered by 3 AAA alkaline batteries, no bolting for the main unit

PANASONIC Faucet Water Purifier (TK-CJ600 and TK-CJ300)

•             4000 L lasting clear water

•             Removes 17 substances & 99.999% of bacteria with 4-stage filtering

•             High performance activated carbon developed with Panasonic’s unique technology

•             Increased high performance activated carbon by 170%

•             The LCD shows you the exact time to replace the cartridge (only applicable for the TK-CJ600 model)

As a Panasonic Water Purifier user for years, I am impressed with the new range of Water Purifiers with wellness solution. Panasonic Under-sink Water Purifier, ultimately pure and safe (TK-CB430) is perfect for family usage and it is very easy to install.

 Mr. Chew Keng Heng, General Manager, E-commerce Department, Panasonic Malaysia

If you want something simple and budget, PANASONIC Faucet Water Purifier (TK-CJ600 and TK-CJ300) is highly recommended especially you are renting an condo or apartment. This is just tap and use and this is very innovative.

The most important thing is it is very easy to get spare part and there are no frequent services that cost a lot of money.

At this time, we have to take care of our health and our water. Check out the Panasonic new range of Water Purifiers with wellness solution.

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