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10 Great Food Experiences in Singapore

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10 Great Food Experiences in Singapore

Singapore is one of the few countries that I visited once the International border was open. I travelled to Singapore quite often since I was young and I always find Singapore food similar but different. On my recent trip down South, I compiled the 10 Great Food Experiences in Singapore.

Flying to Singapore is easy, you just need to fill in the Arrival Card online or via the app. There are no restriction for fully vaccinated Malaysians to Singapore. Remember to show your MySejahtera vaccination card when you are at the Singapore Immigration if requested by the officer.

These 10 Great Food Experiences in Singapore are recommended by locals, foodies as bloggers and most of them are in the city center. The food recommendations include breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and supper. I will also include links how you can book them cheaper!

These are 10 Great Food Experiences in Singapore.

1. AlibabaR The Hawker Bar at East Coast

This is one of the breakfasts places and this is called AlibabaR The Hawker Bar at East Coast. It is a fusion hawker bar and they serve fusion breakfast.

During morning, you will find many cyclists stop here for breakfast and some expats will drink beer in the morning as this is also a bar.

For breakfast, I ordered a mixture of local and Western breakfast.

I ordered the followings:

Traditional Singapore Toast Set with 2 slices of traditional crispy toast, soft boiled eggs and coffee.

Easy Hearty Breakfast come with bacon, scrambled egg, thick toast, tomato and lettuce.

Hardy’s Biscuit with Bacon, Cheese and Egg

Thick Toast with Avocado and Poached Egg

Traditional Singapore Toast Set with 2 slices of traditional crispy toast, soft boiled eggs and coffee is familiar breakfast for locals. What I love is their generous amount of butter and kaya filling for their toast while the coffee is strong and enjoyable.

Easy Hearty Breakfast come with bacon, scrambled egg, thick toast, tomato and lettuce. This is their version of big breakfast. Nothing ordinary but comfort food especially if you love Western style big breakfast.

Hardy’s Biscuit with Bacon, Cheese and Egg. This is something new for me and the biscuit texture is slightly harder than muffin. My boys will definitely love this as this comes with bacon, cheese and egg.

Thick Toast with Avocado and Poached Egg. For avocado lovers, you must order this. The thick toast comes with generous amount of avocado paste and the texture is creamy and it taste great.

If you are looking for an East meets West style of breakfast, you can check out AlibabaR The Hawker Bar at East Coast.

Book now at: https://www.klook.com/en-AU/activity/33685-alibabar-east-coast-singapore/?aid=602

2. Baba Chews Bar and Eatery in Katong

This is a popular all day local and Western restaurant in Katong. This is a beautiful restaurant with great ambience.

I was here for their breakfast and they only serve their usual menu from lunch time onwards. This is a beautiful restaurant and I took some photos of the design of the restaurant.

For breakfast I ordered their famous Big Breakfast and Toast and Butter with coffee.

Big Breakfast comes with two eggs, pork sausage served with chunky avocado, vine ripen tomatoes, sautéed spinach and mushrooms, pork bacon, baked beans and sourdough toast. It is hard to find this type of Big Breakfast in Malaysia.

I love the pork sausage and especially the vine ripen tomatoes as it explodes in the mouth. The big breakfast is definitely generous with the amount of food on the big plate and the most important thing of all, it taste great!

Toast and Butter comes with option of traditional bread toast or croissant. I chose Heritage Butter Croissant served with French Butter and Apricot Jam. Flaky butter croissant that is fragrant and you want it for more with the French Butter.

Baba Chews Bar and Eatery in Katong started serving the breakfast menu recently and it didn’t disappoint me as well. If you want some good tummy warming Big Breakfast, this is the place you should visit.

Book now at: https://www.klook.com/en-AU/activity/59052-baba-chews-bar-eatery-katong/?aid=602

3. Tong Ah Eating House in Chinatown

Tong Ah Eating House in Chinatown is a popular kopitiam style restaurant located at Keong Saik Road. Nestled in the old colonial building, many people queue up in the morning to get their breakfast fix at this restaurant.

The restaurant is popular with the local breakfast like the traditional kaya toast set with coffee.

I ordered their Traditional Kaya Toast Set with coffee and two soft boiled eggs. You will notice most tables will order the same set.

The toast comes with generous amount of butter and kaya. I love dunking the toast with the soft boiled egg for that extra texture and flavor. The coffee is strong and smooth and that is the reason why so many locals come here for breakfast daily.

You want to have breakfast like locals? Visit Tong Ah Eating House in Chinatown.

Book now: https://www.klook.com/en-AU/activity/14810-tong-ah-eating-house-chinatown-singapore/?aid=602

4. Keong Saik Bakery in Outram Park

Keong Saik Bakery in Outram Park is actually located next to Tong Ah Eating House in Chinatown. I highly recommend everyone to visit this bakery after a light breakfast at Tong Ah Eating House.

At first I thought this is a typical Chinese bakery selling egg tarts or kaya puffs but I am so wrong. This is a modern bakery that offers many unique cakes, cruffin as well as pastries.

I ordered their famous Original Burnt Cheesecake, Burnt Cheese Cruffin, Sor Hei, Iced green tea latte as well as Iced Latte.

The Original Burnt Cheesecake is probably the best I have tasted. It is different than what I had in Malaysia as it is stronger in cheese flavor and it is not too sweet. After the first bite, you will keep on eating as this is very enjoyable.

Burnt Cheese Cruffin. What is Cruffin? This is the hybrid of croissant and muffin. I ordered the burnt cheese cruffin as I am curious about the texture. The taste is pretty good and this is enjoyable too.

Sor Hei is croissant filled with rich dark chocolate. The texture is crispy and it comes with generous amount of rich dark chocolate filling. I will prefer this over the cruffin in terms of texture and taste. This sor hei is unique and tasty.

If you want to try some cool pastry and cakes, you must visit Keong Saik Bakery.

Book now: https://www.klook.com/en-AU/activity/13092-keong-saik-bakery-outram-park-singapore/?aid-602

5. The Original Katong Laksa Since 1950s (Janggut Laksa) at Chinatown Point

This Original Katong Laksa Since 1950s (Janggut Laksa) is located inside the Chinatown Point. This is walking distance from Keong Saik Road and you can find many people ordering Katong Laksa at this place.

The Janggut Laksa is a food kiosk with seatings. They are selling Katong Laksa since 1950s.

While the presentation is not the best, the Katong Laksa comes with prawns, cockles and sliced fish cake. The laksa soup is not too spicy and very enjoyable. The noodles can be easily scooped with the spoon.

Katong Laksa might not as spicy as Malaysian laksa but it is very enjoyable and tasty.

If you are Chinatown and looking for a good original Katong Laksa, you can visit Janggut Laksa. It is not mind blowing but it is won’t disappoint you as well.

Book now: https://www.klook.com/en-AU/activity/30778-original-katong-laksa-chinatown-singapore/?aid=602

6. Enjoy Eating House & Bar at Kam Leng Hotel and Novotel on Stevens

This is a unique restaurant located inside the Kam Leng Hotel. A first glance at the building, you might feel that the hotel looks a bit creepy but once you step in, you will notice the Enjoy Eating House and Bar near the entrance.

I came here for lunch and the first impression is the interior is rather unique and it reminds me of the 1960s classic design with the wallpaper as well as the windows, grills and decorations.

I ordered some of their signature dishes like Chili Prawns and ‘Te Kar’ Bee hoon as well as Hainanese Satay.

Chili Prawns is definitely lives up to their expectation. What I love about the chili prawns are the prawns are deshelled (something uncommon in Malaysia) and the taste of the chili sauce is spot on.

The fried buns are slightly overburnt but it is crispy and complements well with the chili crabs. This dish is popular one of the best of this 10 great food experiences.

Hainanese Satay is rather common but I love the texture of the satay and the satay sauce.

“Te Kar” Bee Hoon is also their signature dish and ‘te kar’ means braised pig’s trotters. I have tasted many version of pig’s trotters and never with bee hoon. From what I understand, this is the chef’s grandma recipe and this is really good.

The pig’s trotter is soft in texture and the taste is very enjoyable with the bee hoon. The first bite is a surprise and you will finish this if you like pig’s trotter.

This is probably the hidden gem of the 10 great food experiences in Singapore. Please do take note that the restaurant is small and it could be packed during peak hours. Enjoy Eating House and Bar is definitely worth a visit.

Book now: https://www.klook.com/en-AU/activity/33068-enjoy-eating-house-bar-kam-leng-hotel/?aid=602

7. City Hot Pot – Singapore Local Hot Pot in Raffles Place

There are a few City Hot Pot in Singapore and I went to the outlet in Raffles Place for dinner. Please take note that you need to book your table if you plan to visit City Hot Pot.

I managed to book a table for four as I ordered the shabu set with lobster for four people. I met my Malaysian and Singapore friends to enjoy this Lobster Shabu set for four.

Shabu Set with Lobster for 4 by Klook inclusive of

Meat: Wagyu Ribeye, Lamb Leg, and Pork Belly x 1

Seafood: 2 pieces Lobster, Fresh Fish Fillet, Clam, Scallop, and Squid x 1

Vegetable Platter, Mushroom Combo, Tofu Combo x 1


Four soup bases

Four main staples such noodles or rice

I am quite surprised by the quality of the food served for the Shabu Set with Lobster for 4. There are two lobsters, split for four.

There are many soup bases to choose from, some comes with surcharge but many is part of the set. We ordered the fish soup with milk, tomato soup and tom yam soup. Their soup bases are tasty and very enjoyable.

On top of that, it comes with quality grade meat, seafood as well as vegetables. We spent two hours enjoying ourselves with the hotpot set. At the end of the dinner, we are more than satisfied with the food as well as the service of the waitresses here.

If you are looking for good quality hotpot in Singapore with your family or friends, you must visit City Hotpot Shabu Shabu in Raffles Place.

Book now: https://www.klook.com/en-AU/activity/10285-city-hotpot-shabu-shabu-in-raffles-place-singapore/?aid=602

8. TungLok Seafood in Singapore

TungLok Seafood restaurant has a few branches in Singapore and we visited their outlet at Orchard Central. You must order for a table especially for weekends as it is often packed with diners.

I had dinner with my friends and I ordered Tung Lok Signature Chili Crabs, Deep Fried Prawn with Wasabi Mayo, Crispy fish skin with Salted Egg and Fried Mee Sua with Seafood.

The food here is served quite fast despite the busy crowd and the service here is good.

Tung Lok Signature Chili Crabs comes with fried bun. The crab available here is quite huge and this is around 1kg in weight. The sauce is not too spicy, enjoyable and please eat it when it is warm.

The crab is very fresh and complements well with the chili sauce as well as the fried bun. The great food experience will never complete without the famous Singapore Chili crab right?

Deep Fried Prawn with Wasabi Mayo comes with crispy prawn with the savoury wasabi mayo sauce. The wasabi taste is mild so you won’t get the surprise after taste.

Crispy fish skin with Salted Egg is addictive and you can’t stop eating it while the Fried Mee Sua with Seafood is enjoyable.

If you want to try some good Singapore famous Chili Crabs, you can check out Tunglok Seafood at Orchard Central.

Book now: https://www.klook.com/en-MY/activity/32043-tunglok-seafood-singapore/?aid=602

9. The Malayan Council in Singapore

The Malayan Council is a popular modern Malay restaurant in Singapore. There are a few outlets and I visited their Bussorah outlet for dinner.

I ordered the Malayan Wings, Ayam Panggang Kerabu, Classic Ondeh Ondeh Cake and Durian Serawa Crème Brulee.

Malayan Wings are tender juicy chicken wings marinated with kicap chili padi. The skin is crispy, well marinated with hints of spiciness. Once you start, you can stop having this.

Ayam Panggang kerabu is their version of Nasi Kerabu. It comes with whole leg chicken grilled to perfection and glazed with the home made sauce. What I like about this is their presentation. This comes with kerabu rice, ulam salad, fried egg, prawn crackers, sambal belado and ayam panggang (grilled chicken). The portion is generous and this can be easily share with two people. The rice is fragrant, the chicken is tender, the sauce is not too spicy and this is something you can order if you fancy nasi kerabu.

Classic Ondeh Ondeh Cake is definitely one of the best onde cake I have. Their version comes with soft pandan cake base with the gula Melaka bits. it comes with coconut drizzle with coconut Chantilly ice cream. What I love about this cake is the taste is not too heavy and the gula Melaka bits offers great taste and texture to the cake. The ice cream is a bonus.

Durian Serawa Crème Brulee is another highlight as I love durian. Even though it didn’t comes with the sugar crust but overall this comes with strong durian flavor with custard and this is heavenly.

The Malayan Council offers exciting Malay food with its own style and this must not be missed!

Book now: https://www.klook.com/en-AU/activity/57670-malayan-council-singapore/?aid=602

10. Best Satay 7&8 in Lau Pa Sat

When it comes to the best satay in Singapore, it must be at Lau Pa Sat. At night, you can see locals and tourists throng to this place for the best satay in Singapore.

There are many satay stalls at Lau Pa Sat and I chose the Best Satay No 7 & 8.

I ordered the Satay Set A and it comes with:

Chicken Satay x 10

Beef Satay x 10

Sticks Prawn x 6

Rice Cake x 1

The big question is the satay here better than Malaysia? Well, I think the satay at Lau Pa Sat is pretty good. The big surprise is the prawn satay. The prawns are deshelled and grilled to perfection.

The satays here are well marinated and the satay sauce is not too spicy and it is quite enjoyable. The uniqueness here is the prawn satay. The Satay Set A is good enough for two people for sharing.

If you want to taste the best satay in Singapore, time to make a visit to Satay no7 & 8 at Lau Pa Sat.

Book now: https://www.klook.com/en-AU/activity/14605-best-satay-7-8-lau-pa-sat-singapore/?aid=602

This concludes my 10 Great Food Experiences in Singapore. This takes three days of non-stop eating and traveling around Singapore. Like I mentioned earlier, the Singaporean food is similar to Malaysian food but they are different in taste and some are unique too.

I can’t wait to revisit Singapore for more food experiences in the future. Traveling around in Singapore is easy with public transport or taxi or grab. The borders are open now, time to revisit Singapore for their food experiences!

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