February 26, 2024


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Yuan Kie Kopitiam Bentong

This is a popular kopitiam or coffee shop in Bentong Pahang. This is Yuan Kie Kopitiam and it is popular with their wantan mee and yong tau fu. We went there on weekdays and yet it was still packed with locals and tourists.

yuan kie kopitiam bentong

The Yuan Kie Kopitiam opened at 6 am and it is usually packed from morning until lunch. We went there for brunch and it was already packed even for weekdays. The restaurant is located at 57, Jalan Chui Yin, 28700 Bentong, Pahang.

There are always parking available but finding one is not easy especially on weekends. Just be patient, make a few rounds and you will find one.

yuan kie kopitiam bentong wantan mee

There are two popular food stalls in Yuan Kie Kopitiam and they are the wantan mee and the yong tau fu stalls. You can tell from the food at every table and they mostly order from the two stalls.

yuan kie kopitiam wantan mee

Let’s start with their wantan mee. Their version of wantan mee is not the same like what we have in KL and hence you will notice it with the char siew and texture of the noodles.

The taste of the wantan mee overall is not too bad. We just prefer the KL version of char siew instead of this red dyed version.

yuan kie wantan mee

The wantan is standard mixed pork meat version. This is Bentong style wantan mee and its comfort food for breakfast.

yuan kie yong tau fu

Next, is the yong tau fu stall and they also offer chee cheong fun, noodles, mee hoon and more. You just need to pick and select what you want and pay.

yuan kie kopitiam chee cheong fun

We ordered the chee cheong fun with sweet sauce. The noodles texture are quite smooth and it is better than expected. We always love the sesame seed and the spring onions.

yuan kie yong tau fu bentong

For their yong tau fu, they are really tasty. You can tell that they are freshly made and cooked. You can complement it with the chee cheong fun, noodles or mee hoon. It is basically up to your preferences.

yuan kie kopitiam bentong yong tau fu

Overall, the food at Yuan Kie Kopitiam Bentong is good. It is basically a simple kopitiam in Bentong serving breakfast and comfort food for the locals. It is just that for this couple of years, Bentong becomes popular as the weekend place for city dwellers and hence the influx of people. We know many people recommended Yuan Kie Kopitiam Bentong, we think this is a good place for breakfast too. Thanks for reading and safe travels!

Yuan Kie Kopitiam Bentong

Opening hours: 6 am until 9pm

Address: 57, Jalan Chui Yin, 28700 Bentong, Pahang

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