March 23, 2023

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Skudai R&R The Best Rest Area in Johor

We went to Johor some time back and we stumbled upon Skudai R&R (Rest and Relax) during our travel. This Skudai R&R opens during MCO and it offers many cool reasons and facilities that you can’t find in other rest areas in Johor.

Skudai R&R

The Skudai R&R is beside North South Highway (South) towards Johor Bahru and Singapore. It is really hard to miss Skudai R&R as there are many signages before the entry.

Look out for 2 “Kawasan Rehat Skudai” highway signages at 1KM and 500M away to enter the R&R ingress and another 2 direction signages for the turning in.

Skudai R&R 1km

On top of that, the Skudai R&R is located 2km after Johor Premium Outlet. You can take a pit stop at Skudai R&R after your day long shopping at Johor Premium Outlet. It is also 15 minute drive to Senai Airport and 25km to Johor Bahru and Singapore.

Skudai R&R 500m

Once you spotted the Skudai R&R, you will spot the petrol stations. Skudai R&R will be the home of a few petrol stations and two are currently running. At this time, you can find Caltex and Shell Petrol Stations at Skudai R&R.

Here are few things you should know about the Caltex and Shell Petrol stations at Skudai R&R.

Caltex Petrol Station

Skudai R&R Caltex Station

This Caltex Petrol station offers an Electric Vehicle (EV) fast charging station by Jom Charge. This is the only public 50kW Fast Charging Station in Johor.

Skudai R&R Caltex Fast Charging EV Station

If you have an EV car, this is the place you should visit to charge your car fast! Charge up to 80% of your EV car in 30 mins!

Shell Petrol Station

The Shell Petrol Station offers spacious design in and out. If you plan to do a petrol refill, you can check out the Shell Select.

Skudai R&R Shell Petrol Station

The Shell Select offers Deli2Go pastries and these are freshly baked pastries. What makes a good combination with hot pastries, hot coffee!

Skudai R&R Shell Deli2Go
Skudai R&R RHB ATM

Skudai R&R Shell

If you want to pit stop and recharge yourself and your smartphone, there are seating with charging points available. The facilities are there for the convenience of the customers.

Family Mart

This is one of the biggest Family Mart outlets in Johor. There are parking spaces at Family Mart and that makes it very convenient for everyone to have a pit stop at this Family Mart outlet.

This is an important place after a long drive or you just wanted to get something for a snack or quick bite, you can find everything at Family Mart.

Skudai R&R Family Mart

What I like about Family Mart is their food and snacks and the imported Japanese food and drinks. Since we can’t travel to Japan, this is the closest place we can have to Japan.

Eureka PopCorn

One of our favourite popcorns are available at Skudai R&R. It is the Eureka Popcorn and it is located inside Family Mart. If you want popcorn, this is the place you can get them.

If you are at Skudai R&R, Family Mart is one of the places you can take a pit stop, refresh, reload and shop.

Burger King Drive Thru

Are you a fan of the Whopper burger? Check out the Burger King Drive Thru at Caltex Petrol Station at Skudai R&R.

After hours of driving and you plan to have a quick bite, you should visit the Burger King Drive Thru. They offer a great range of burgers and you won’t regret it.

Starbucks Drive Thru

The Starbucks Drive Thru is probably one of the most popular places at Skudai R&R as you can see many travelers and locals packed at this popular Starbucks outlet. The carpark in Starbucks are often full. Just park at the main carpark and make a short walk over to Starbucks!

Skudai R&R Starbucks

Since the opening of this Starbucks drive thru outlet, this place has become a place for the locals to enjoy their cuppa coffee, chill, meeting or enjoying the food.

Skudai R&R Starbucks

There are also many cars lining up for coffee during morning and peak hours. If you need some coffee to kick start your day or journey, remember to visit the Starbucks Drive Thru at Skudai R&R.

Family Friendly Facility and Cleanest Toilet

We have been to many impressive and clean toilets in countries like Japan and Thailand. As a Malaysian, I am proud to say that Skudai R&R is one of the cleanest I have been to, even compared to Japan. We always complain that the toilets at R&R are usually dirty but it is definitely not the case at Skudai R&R.

Skudai R&R Toilet

This is a family friendly facility and this means direct, quick access from the carpark to toilets without any stairs and the toilets have pram friendly toilet cubicles.

Skudai R&R Cleanest Toilet

They have the cleanest toilets and are awarded FIVE STARS by Kulai town council for that. On top of that, their toilets are huge, spacious and disable friendly. Not forgetting, they also offer a large surau for prayers.

Skudai R&R Cleanest Toilet 5 Stars by Kulai

The facility comes with 24 hours CCTV too.

Family friendly parking spaces

You can find so many parking spaces at Skudai R&R. On top of that, the parking lots are for cars only and large trailers are not allowed to enter.

Skudai R&R Friendly Parking

The parking spaces in Skudai R&R are spacious and easy to park, making it family friendly and disable friendly. This is one of the reasons why you should stop by at Skudai R&R in Johor. There are over 300 parking spaces at Skudai R&R especially important when you “balik kampung”

Family and Disable Friendly Designs

Skudai R&R Disable Parking

What we notice about Skudai R&R is the proper planning when building the R&R. The public area and toilets are inclusive of ramps and designs that are friendly for families, children, disabled and the elderly.

Family Friendly Family activities 

Skudai R&R Family Friendly

This is something unique and cool and probably the first for R&R in Malaysia. You can find Instagram-able colourful wall murals, environmentally features, large granite rocks, indoor and outdoor landscaping, interactive wall mural and mangrove walkway benches for photos. This is at the public toilet area facility.

Skudai R&R Family activities

At the outdoor open space near Caltex, there are life size cartoon cow mascots and colourful night lights that lights up at 7pm everyday.

Skudai R&R Night Lights

Lasttly, if you want some cool Instagram photos, you can pose with these. If you are with your family and kids, just watch the traffic when you cross the roads. Be safe and stay fun!

Skudai R&R offers cleanest toilet, Instagram worthy places, snacks, food, petrol stations and even EV charging station. Isn’t Skudai R&R the best rest area in Johor (and probably in Malaysia).

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