March 25, 2023

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Betong International Airport Southern Thailand

We blogged about the Betong International Airport in Southern Thailand four years ago. We drove passed and they were in the midst of construction the new airport for the region. Moving forward to 2022, it is opened and offers domestic flights from Bangkok.

My parents went to Betong twice this year and they went to check out the new Betong Airport as they ventured most of the places in the city.

The Betong International Airport is up and running and currently Nok Air is offering flights from Bangkok. We were told it is daily flight or few times a week by Nok Air.

The Betong International is a small airport but it is really beautiful in terms of design. They uses a lot of wood for the walls, ceilings and chairs.

The airport itself is quiet at most time but we hope that they can start offer International flights from Malaysia one day.

We have friends who flew to Betong from Bangkok since March this year. Since there is no airport within Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala, the new Betong airport will be convenient for locals to travel around the country and out of country.

If you are in Betong, you can check out the airport for photos, scroll down for the Google Map.

If you want to read more about Betong, please visit

Betong International Airport Southern Thailand

Address: Q4PX+92J, Yarom, Betong District, Yala 95110, Thailand

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  1. Hi Wilson, nice blog ! Are there any flights from KL to this Betong international airport ?

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