March 23, 2023

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Ah Lan Hainanese Satay Pengkalan Rama Melaka

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Ah Lan Hainanese Satay Pengkalan Rama Melaka

In recent years, there are a number of pork satay stalls and restaurants start open in Melaka. Suddenly, many people will look for pork satay in Melaka on top of chicken rice balls and nyonya cuisine. On our recent trip, we went to try Ah Lan Hainanese Satay Pengkalan Rama Melaka.

This Ah Lan Hainanese Satay used to be a stall at Kedai Kopi Mei Sin Café and they moved to their own restaurant at 168, Jalan Bunga Raya Pantai at Pengkalan Rama.

We were recommended by the food stalls at Kedai Kopi Mei Sin to check out this Ah Lan Hainanese Satay. Apparently, they have been selling pork satay for years.

As we waited the restaurant at noon time, it was already packed with customers. Hence, there was some ordering pork satay for deliveries.

In our mind, this pork satay must be really good and if not, why so many people come and eat at Ah Lan Hainanese Satay.

We ordered the pork satay and pork intestines satay. It took them a while to cook it as there is only one stove.

The pork satay and pork intestine satay looks decent. The size of the satay is a bit small compare to the usual satays in Kuala Lumpur.

For pork satay, the meat is tender while the taste is quite decent and the peanut sauce offers sour after taste as it cooked with pineapples. We are not sure why pineapples but the sour taste in the peanut sauce is quite weird.

The pork intestine satay on the other hand is soft in texture as we prefer crunchy texture while the taste is ordinary. This is a bit of let down as we had crunchy pork intestines satay in a different shop in Melaka.

Overall, we thought the taste of pork satay and pork intestines satay is average or we are not familiar with the local pork satay taste. Maybe if you tried this Ah Lan Hainanese Satay Pengkalan Rama Melaka, you can feedback your taste?

Ah Lan Hainanese Satay Pengkalan Rama Melaka

Opening Hours: 12 pm to 6pm (Closed on Wed – Thurs)

Address: 168, Jalan Bunga Raya Pantai, Pengkalan Rama, 75100 Melaka

Phone: 016-643 6226

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