December 2, 2023


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Disneyland Opening in Melaka Malaysia?

Updated: Disneyland Malaysia Is Not Happening

Four years ago, we wrote about Disneyland Coming To Malaysia and recently we also wrote about Disney coming to Bangkok Thailand. Making the headlines in Malaysia today is Disneyland Opening in Melaka.

disneyland malaysia
Disneyland HK

According to Melaka Hari Ini, the new Disneyland theme park, named as the Disney City is planned to be built in Daerah Jasin, Melaka. The Disney City will begin construction in the year of 2027 with the space up to 200 acres (80.9 hectares) of land. That is actually smaller in land size than Hong Kong Disneyland with 310 acres.

“After over 20 years, we will be having a brand-new theme park even if it is not as big but I feel it is worthy enough to bring in the name of Disneyland,” said Exco for Tourism, Heritage and and Culture of Melaka, Datuk Muhammad Jailani Khamis.

“After more than 20 years, we will have a new theme park. Even if it’s not as big, I think it’s worth it to bring a brand like Disneyland here.

This will also improve our target of reaching the objective of 20 million tourists in three years and return to the original benchmark that we achieved, which was as many as 18.7 million tourists in 2019.

God-willing, Disneyland is planned to be built in the district of Jasin. However, we cannot reveal the exact location as of yet, but the size of the development will be around 60.7 to 80.9 hectares.

Not only Disneyland, but we also have plans for the development of a 22km Maglev system to connect tourist hotspots in Malacca with an investment of RM900 million. Overall, the whole project (along with Disneyland and Disney City) will cost as much as RM2 billion.”

We are waiting for the official announcement from Disney for this statement. Of course we hope we can have Disneyland or Disney City in Melaka, Malaysia but do we have enough tourists to support that?

disney king power mickey
Disney coming to Bangkok?

At the moment, we already have two world class theme park like Genting Skyworlds as well as Legoland Malaysia, do we need another DisneyLand or Disney City in Malaysia? Can the locals afford the ticket price of Disneyland?

The good news is we will have our own Disneyland and we don’t need to fly to Hong Kong, Shanghai or Japan anymore for Disney experience. Melaka really hoseh liao, hope the traffic is still okay with Disneyland or Disney city. However, do remember that there are no official words from Disney so let’s wait and see.

Disclaimer: There are no official words or statement regarding this Disneyland or Disney City project in Melaka.

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