March 31, 2023

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Disneyland Malaysia Is Not Happening

We wrote about Disneyland is coming to Melaka Malaysia yesterday. After less than 24 hours of happiness, Heather Chen from CNN tweeted that Disneyland Malaysia is not happening.

She tweeted (and deleted by request of Disney)

Disney official confirms no such plan underway in Malacca (Just spoke with them and deleted earlier tweet linking back to NST which said Disney City would be built in Jasin and quoted local officials): “Not true. It’s fake news and purely speculative.”

That original tweet got over 1k of retweets and likes before it is deleted by request of Disney later.

She just tweeted a new tweet.

To clarify: My tweet has now been deleted on orders of Disney. But the original clarification I made from reaching out and reporting still stands — There are no official plans for a Disney themed park in Malacca, earlier reports were purely speculative and misinformed.

From what we understand is Disney confirms that no such plan underway in Malacca and hence Disneyland Malaysia Is Not Happening any time soon. We will update with more news on this.

Thank you to all my friends who tagged me to update my previous story.

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