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Samsung Z Flip 4 Flex Every Angle

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Samsung Z Flip 4 Flex Every Angle

After two months of using Samsung Z Flip 4, the phone lives up to expectation. Either you use it for daily usage or as content creator, the Samsung Z Flip 4 Flex Every Angle you can.

samsung z flip 4 malaysia

Why do we ever need a flip phone? The Flexibility! The Samsung Z Flip 4 can flip to a smaller size to pit into pouch or pockets but the main advantages are flexing every angle.

z flip 4 kids

For content creators, it is all about Flex-ibility and Angles.

z flip 4 flex

Multi-angle Shots

Capture moments from diverse angles by freely adjusting your device’s form factor as you shoot Easy ground-level shot, Over-head shot, High-angle shot Selfie shot in rear camera.

Short-form Video

Record videos for 3rd party apps2 more seamlessly with app integration and hands-free recording

Video Calling

Enjoy more integrated control over your video calling experience with supported partner apps

z flip 4 food photo

While on a video call, enjoy control over the app’s settings in the lower panel while taking part hands-free in the call on the top Harness the flexibility of your device’s form factor and enhanced app compatibility for all kinds of video experiences.

z flip 4 flex photo

Be creative with the Samsung Z Flip 4 Flex Mode and you will have new ideas for creative photos and videos.

Another important thing is the 3700mAh battery with Super Fast charging with both wired and wireless options. Now, you can multi task, work, play while using the Samsung Z Flip 4 Battery Life Performance.

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