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Melaka Famous Pork Lard Popiah Revisited in 2023

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Melaka Famous Pork Lard Popiah Revisited in 2023

Hello everyone! Just an updated review as we recently revisited the Melaka Famous Pork Lard Popiah at Jalan Bunga Raya just a week ago (in 2023). If you want to review our previous review, read it at

melaka popiah

We went back to Melaka for the Qing Ming prayers and we decided to take away the Melaka Famous Pork Lard Popiah. Once we reached the popiah stall at Jalan Bunga Raya, there were already long queue.

The stall remained at the same place and price is increased to RM 6 per piece. The uniqueness of this popiah is they included pork lard on top of jicama / turnip/ yam bean, beansprout, egg with sweet sauce and chili sauce.

melaka famous popiah

We bought 10 pieces of popiah for RM 60, went back to Kajang and it took around 90 minutes.

We took out the popiah and the skin is soggy. No problem, cut it into pieces and we tasted it.

melaka popiah size

The popiah skin is soggy due to the moisture from the jicama but it was alright. We noticed that the popiah is slightly bigger in size with bigger size pork lard but lesser in amount.

We counted like 2 to 3 big size pork lard in the popiah and hence you don’t get it on each bite. It will be better if smaller size pork lard with more quantity so you get the crunchy pork lard on each bite. The taste is still not bad despite the soggy skin.

melaka popiah 2023

In our opinion, it is best to eat the Melaka Famous Pork Lard Popiah nearby rather than bringing back all the way to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. We don’t mind paying RM 6 for the popiah as things are not cheap anyways.

This is our honest opinion as Melaka Famous Pork Lard Popiah Revisited in 2023. Thanks for reading everyone!

Melaka Famous Pork Lard Popiah

Opening Hours:

124, Jln. Bunga Raya,


Phone: 010-786 9878

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