April 1, 2023

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The Famous Melaka Pork Lard Popiah

This needs no more introduction as this place has been covered by so many bloggers and social media influencers. This is the famous Melaka pork lard popiah from a roadside stall along Jalan Bunga Raya in the city center.

We visited this famous Melaka pork lard popiah and we always forget to blog about it. We don’t really use the word ‘best’ anymore as it is hard to rate a place as the best if you only tasted a few places in the same place. However, many people still love reading headlines like ‘The Best Melaka Popiah’ than the famous Melaka popiah.

They are located in front of Madam King Jalan Bunga Raya Melaka. They open daily from noon until 8 pm (or earlier) depending how fast they can sell their popiah. The stall comes with many no photos signage (not sure why) and you can only do takeaway.

They started selling their popiah at RM 3 more than 10 years ago and they have been selling their famous pork lard for RM 5 for this few years.

The unique selling point for their popiah is the pork lard. The crispy pork lard enhances the flavor of the popiah as whole that includes ingredients like jicama / turnip/ yam bean, beansprout, egg with sweet sauce and chili sauce.

What we like about their popiah is the crispy pork lard as well as their filling. The skin of the popiah is just right and can hold off the generous amount of the filing.

We read some people complaining about their high price of RM 5 and how greasy is the pork lard. First of all, there is a huge signage of RM 5 for a piece of popiah and if you feel that it is expensive, just don’t buy it as no one is forcing you. Secondly, pork lard is pork lard and it is meant to be oily and that is the reason why most people loved pork lard as it enhances the flavor of the popiah. If you want healthy popiah, please don’t buy this and complain.

We are not defending them but we are finding many weird people complaining about food in unreasonable ways nowadays. During time like this even famous popiah stall like this are not getting businesses like pre-COVID 19 due to lack of tourists as well as people don’t go out that often to eat anymore.

If we visit Melaka and the popiah stall is open, we will definitely get a few pork lard popiah as our family loved this.

Most food stalls at this time are on survival mode and we hope people understand this. More important is we have to take care of ourselves especially during this CMCO. Be safe everyone and take care. Kita Jaga Kita. This is the Famous Melaka Pork Lard Popiah.

Famous Melaka Pork Lard Popiah

Opening Hours: 12 pm (noon) to 8 pm

Address: 120, Jalan Bunga Raya, Kampung Jawa, 75100 Melaka (in front of Madam King)

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