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Cheapest Apartment Near Genting Highlands

Recently, we booked the Cheapest Apartment Near Genting Highlands at Agoda.com. To be honest we hesitated to book the apartment as the name of the apartment is quite dodgy but after reading the reviews, we decided to book it. You can find it at:  https://www.agoda.com/lcp-romantic-couple-room-250sqft/hotel/genting-highlands-my.html?cid=1538606

Cheapest Apartment Genting Highlands review
Cheapest Apartment Near Genting Highlands

We decided to visit Genting Highlands during the public holiday and managed to get the cheapest apartment at that time. We paid RM 200 for the apartment for one night and that is a steal.

Traffic Jam at Karak Highway

The traffic at Karak highway was really bad and hence we took the back road to the apartment. Once we reached there, it was already late afternoon. We had some miscommunication with the owner but we managed to solve it.

Cheapest Apartment Genting Highlands hotel

The apartment is located at Gohtong Jaya Genting Highlands. It is 10 minutes of driving from the main road and there are no constructions nearby so it is very quiet at night.

Cheapest Apartment Genting Highlands
Cheapest Apartment Near Genting Highlands

The apartment is more the less the same as what it is shown at Agoda.com. The difference is the bed sheet but otherwise the room is pretty decent.

Cheapest Apartment Genting Highlands TV

It comes with 1 double bed and 1 super king bed and 2 sofa beds. The bedsheets looked fancy bt they are clean.

Cheapest Apartment Genting Highlands places and foods

Let’s be honest, that is the best interior for apartment but the room is clean. There is no air cond and the TV and the ceiling fan works. It is not that cold at night but it is good enough. It all depends on your luck except you stay at the hill top.

Cheapest Apartment Genting Highlands kitchen

There are also the basic amenities like mini fridge, iron, kettle and tableware. We didn’t use any of them as we just wanted the place for a sleep.

Cheapest Apartment Genting Highlands bathroom

The bathroom and toilet is clean. The warm water works so we had a good shower at night before sleep.

In the morning, you can feel the cool breeze and the noises from the nearby monkeys. This is nature calling to wake you up and we have no complaints.

Cheapest Apartment Genting Highlands swimming pool
Outdoor Swimming Pool

There is an outdoor swimming pool for guests and kids area but we didn’t explore it. We went up to Genting Highlands twice to experience the cool weather.

Overall, the Cheapest Apartment Near Genting Highlands didn’t disappoint us. For family of four, we paid RM 200 for one night including taxes during peak season, we have no complaints. That is cheaper than many places in Malaysia. We got to know that some of our friends actually booked this place when they have work at Genting Highlands. At this rates and the facilities, what else to complain?

Check out the apartment at Agoda.com at https://www.agoda.com/lcp-romantic-couple-room-250sqft/hotel/genting-highlands-my.html?cid=1538606. This is not a paid review but another last minute decision to bring the family to cuti-cuti Malaysia. This is another new experience for the kids!

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