June 7, 2023

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KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Review

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KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Review

We have been busy with our boys since we came back from our South America and Europe trip a few weeks ago. Now, it is time to share one of the best travel tips at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the KLM Crown Lounge 52 review.

Never too early for KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

First time at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, we decided to pay and visit the KLM Crown Lounge as we had a five hours transit at the airport. We reached Amsterdam too early in the morning and it makes sense for us to stay at the KLM Crown Lounge at the airport.

The KLM Crown Lounge at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is located in Lounge 52 in the international terminal. It is a luxurious airport lounge that is open to KLM Business Class passengers, Flying Blue Platinum and Gold members, and SkyTeam Elite Plus members.

Time to check in

If you are traveling with KLM Business Class, the KLM Crown Lounge is free. However, we were traveling in economy class, we had to pay for the lounge. The usual charge for the ‘Non-Schengen Crown Lounge’ is EUR 65 and you can get discount if you are Flying Blue members. Flying Blue Explorer gets 10% discount while Flying Blue Silver gets 25% discount.

Early birds get to select the best seats

We purchased the KLM Crown Lounge access weeks ahead as it is quite packed during peak hours.

There is a bar too

The lounge features a variety of amenities, including comfortable seating areas, a self-service buffet with a wide selection of food and beverages, showers, workstations, free Wi-Fi, and a smoking area. Additionally, the lounge offers a panoramic view of the airport’s runways.

To access the KLM Crown Lounge, eligible passengers can simply present their valid boarding pass and membership card at the lounge entrance. It is just scan and enter, very easy.

There are two floors of KLM Crown Lounge. Most of the facilities are located at the lower floor including the showers, the working desks as well as the food and drinks.

KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam Schiphol Airport


The KLM Crown Lounge lower floors offer more seating. There are working desks with universal power points that you can plug on your laptop or smartphone.

You can chill on the sofa, dine at dining table or work at working desks.

There are also comfortable chairs and sofas that you can read your books or magazines or enjoy your food at your pace.

We chose to seat on the working desks as we were working on our stories and wife was checking and replying her emails.

This is the coolest area of the lounge but it is often packed

There are also beautiful seating areas in between lower and upper floor in between the stairs. There are desks with universal power points but most of them are occupied.

Complimentary Wi-Fi

 Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the lounge and they are quite fast. We were watching videos and uploading some huge files and the connection speed is good enough.

Charging points

As we mentioned earlier, there are universal power points to charge your devices. On top of that, there are also other charging points for passengers around the lounge.

Working at all times

Newspapers and magazines

 A selection of newspapers and magazines are available for passengers to read.

Food and Drinks

The KLM Crown Lounge provides self service buffet with a wide selection of food and drinks. In the early hours in the morning, they offer breakfast with hot and cold meals as well as beverages.

Dutch breakfast
Warm food and they refill it quite fast

What we love is their breakfast options. They are very healthy and we got to try some of the local food too.

They are very generous with the cheese and pastries too

They are very generous with the cheese selections as well as the pastries.

Thumbs up for the food and their coffee too!


Passengers can freshen up before their flight with the lounge’s shower facilities. Towels and toiletries are provided. You need to book the shower room at the counter.

Shower area

Smoking area

There is a designated smoking area within the lounge but since we don’t smoke, we didn’t check it out.

Panoramic views

The lounge offers panoramic views of the airport’s runways, so passengers can watch planes take off and land. The best view is at the Blue Lounge at the KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Upper Floor

Beautiful morning sky

Sleep Cabins

There are sleep cabins available but they are chargeable. Please make a booking with them for the sleep cabins. To be honest, some of the benches are good enough for a nap but if you want a proper nap, go for the sleep cabins.

Sleep Cabin charges

KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Upper Floor Blue Lounge

The concept here is more like bar / restaurant setting. We went up just to check out the area as we chose the lower level as it is spacious and we need those working desk for our laptops.

Blue lounger, upper level

For the view, the Blue Lounge offers better panoramic views as you can spot the runways as well as the airplanes. You can also get a good sunrise photos here too.

Packed after morning session

If you are transiting at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, we highly recommend for the KLM Crown Lounge. The food is good, the service is good, the lounge is comfortable and clean and you won’t regret it.

Thank you for the amazing service and food, the locals are very friendly

For more information on KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, please visit https://www.klm.com/information/airport/crown-lounges

We wish to come back again one day!

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