September 26, 2023


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Let Your DNA speak with DynaDNA and DynaApp

Something to share if you are interested in your DNA testing. Dyna Medical is proud to announce the launch of DynaDNA, the provider of Malaysia’s microarray technology DNA test kits, and Dyna Apps, a free-to-use platform that is your gateway to improved health and knowledge. This is why you should Let Your DNA speak with DynaDNA and DynaApp.

dyna dna

The launch, which was held at the KL Wellness City Gallery, was attended by members of the media, lifestyle influencers, esteemed associate and medical guests. Also present were popular lifestyle influencer Iman Azman and Dr Hans Jeffry, a medical product specialist, who shared about the importance of taking control of one’s own health through DNA.

Mr. Martin Low Wink Keng, the Managing Director of Dyna Medical, introduced DynaDNA as the latest service provider enabling Malaysians to get the latest and most accurate information about their health condition.

dyna dna test kit event launch

With just a simple saliva sample, over 500 genetic tests can be accurately conducted, producing results for over 150 traits across 10 separate profiles, including those for heart and vascular health, genetic health conditions and disorders, brain conditions, and allergies and food sensitivity.

He also spoke on the benefits of Dyna Apps, an integrated wellness platform that lets users view their DNA test kit results instantly, and at their convenience. The app will also allow users to book a consultation with qualified DynaDNA-partnered health professionals to explore their test results or to plan the next step of their health journey. Users can also purchase health and wellness products through the app’s built-in e-commerce feature.

Future developments for the app will also include access to a range of wellness services, including spa treatments and facials, as well as travel packages to notable wellness retreats. By making these products and services readily available to users, Dyna Apps is committed to understanding and addressing their unique needs and concerns, and aims to help them achieve a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

dyna dna test kit

Mr. Martin emphasised that by making DNA test kits more accessible, individuals will be empowered to make informed decisions about their own health and well-being.

He gave the example of those who are concerned by the possibility of genetic diseases, such as thalassemia. A DNA test can make them aware of their risk of inheriting those diseases and allow them to make any necessary preparations or lifestyle changes.

It is Dyna Medical’s commitment to addressing the unique needs and concerns of the wellness community that has led the company to partner with KL Wellness City to host the launch of DynaDNA and Dyna Apps. As Southeast Asia’s first 360-degree wellness hub, KL Wellness City is a fully-integrated township built around the concepts of medical care, healthcare, wellness and fitness, and shares in the principles of prioritising personal health knowledge.

We know there are quite a number of DNA testing companies in the market right now. To be honest, we have never did DNA testing before and hence this will be our first. Will share the experience soon.

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