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Summer Fireworks Festivals in Japan

Japan is known for its spectacular fireworks festivals, also known as “hanabi taikai,” which draw millions of visitors every year. These festivals are held throughout the summer months and showcase mesmerizing firework displays synchronized to music and accompanied by traditional Japanese festivities.

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We have yet to visit any of the summer fireworks festivals in Japan but we don’t mind to share the information and the tours available here. These are some renowned fireworks festivals in Japan that are typically held during the summer season:

1.  Atami Marine Fireworks Festival (about 140 minutes)
The Atami Marine Fireworks Festival is a firework festival that is held regularly throughout the year, not limited to summer, and is well-known throughout Japan. The Atami Maritime Fireworks Festival has been held since 1952 and will celebrate its 72nd year in the summer of 2023.

Atami’s fireworks are called “the best fireworks festival in Japan” by people versed in Fireworks! Atami’s fireworks festival has two main features. The first is the grand finale, the climax of the event called “Niagara Falls in the Sky”, the finale of each event, “Niagara Falls in the Sky”, is not a variety of fireworks, but a starlight emitted from the entire venue. Silver fireworks filled the night sky, shining like the sun. It’s so beautiful that you forget to blink…it’s sure to impress. The second is the “launch site”.

Atami Bay is also highly praised by the fireworks company as the best place in Japan to launch fireworks. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, the “mortar” shaped terrain of the bay makes the sound of fireworks echo on the sea, forming an acoustic effect similar to that of a large stadium.

The natural geographical location makes the fireworks show more dramatic. There will also be many traditional Japanese snacks near the venue. The grilled shrimp and grilled squid taste pretty good. It’s super comfortable to eat barbecue on the beach with the sea breeze blowing, paired with cold beer.

Atami Fireworks Festival & Mt. Omuro One-day Tour:
Kamakura & Atami Fireworks Cruise 1-Day Tour:

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2. The Kashiwazaki Fireworks Festival

The Kashiwazaki Fireworks Festival is known as one of the “Three Great Fireworks Festivals in Echigo”, together with Nagaoka Fireworks and Gabe Fireworks. Held on July 26th every year. Because Kashiwazaki fireworks are released at sea, it also has the reputation of “Kashiwazaki of the Sea”! Kashiwazaki Fireworks, which has a long history, can be traced back to the end of the Edo period. It is not only a representative event in the hearts of local residents, but also attracts more than 200,000 people to enjoy it every year.

The biggest feature of Kashiwazaki Fireworks is the continuous launch of a large number of fireworks, more than 100 shots at the same time, with a maximum range of more than 1.5 kilometers. Such a spectacular firework festival is nothing more than that!

During the 1 hour and 30 minute fireworks display, it is estimated that about 16,000 fireworks will be launched, especially the curved fireworks that can only be realized at sea, so that the firelight will draw a beautiful semicircle in the air! And the ultra-wide-area firework created by embankment over 600 meters is a major feature of Kashiwazaki Fireworks! In the end, it will end with 300 fireworks in a row for 6 minutes. The touch left in my heart with the explosion of fireworks must be collected forever!

Kashiwazaki Fireworks Festival 2-Day Tour:

3. Katakai Fireworks Festival

The Katakai Fireworks Festival is known as one of the “Three Great Fireworks Festivals in Echigo”, along with Nagaoka Fireworks and Kashiwazaki Fireworks. Held on September 9th and September 10th every year. Different from the Kashiwazaki Fireworks on the sea and the Nagaoka Fireworks on the river, the Katakai Fireworks are called the Mountain Fireworks.

Katakai Fireworks originated from the “Gabe Festival” hosted by the local Asahara Shrine. The purpose of releasing fireworks is to enshrine the fireworks to the gods. Therefore, the Katakai Festival is also the only firework festival in Japan! And at 10 o’clock in the evening, the world’s largest four-foot jade fireworks will be launched, like the king of fireworks, the explosion range can reach 800 meters, and the explosion sound of fireworks echoes in the mountains, bringing you an unparalleled immersive experience! And around the entire festival venue, there are a large number of vendors selling various Japanese snacks. Walking in the shopping streets between towns, you can look up at any time to enjoy the magnificent fireworks, full of Japanese-style feelings limited to summer!

Katakai Fireworks Festival 2-Day Tour:

4. Lake Biwa Fireworks Festival

The Lake Biwa Fireworks Festival, also known as the Biwako Hanabi Taikai, is an annual fireworks display held in the city of Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Lake Biwa, located northeast of Kyoto, is the largest freshwater lake in Japan and serves as a picturesque backdrop for the festival.

The Lake Biwa Fireworks Festival has a long history, dating back to 1946 when it was first held to celebrate the post-war recovery of the region. Since then, it has become one of the most prominent and well-attended fireworks festivals in Japan, drawing hundreds of thousands of spectators each year.

The festival typically takes place in early August, and the exact date may vary from year to year. It is a grand display of fireworks featuring various styles and shapes, including traditional Japanese fireworks like “starmines” and “Niagara falls.” The fireworks are launched from boats positioned on Lake Biwa, creating a mesmerizing reflection on the water’s surface.

Lake Biwa Fireworks Festival Ticket:

These are just a few examples, and there are numerous other fireworks festivals held across Japan during the summer season. Please note that specific dates, locations, and details may vary from year to year, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest information before planning your visit.

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