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Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie Michelin Palmiers and Egg Rolls

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Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie Michelin Palmiers and Egg Rolls

Recently, the awesome people from Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie sent me six boxes of pastries. Yes, if you want something different for Mid Autumn Festival this year, please read on as we tried the Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie Michelin Palmiers and Egg Rolls.

Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie Michelin Palmiers and Egg Rolls

Established in 2018, Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie has its own factory in Hong Kong and specializes in producing high-quality pastries that are “100% made in Hong Kong.” We hope to let more people taste our premium pastries, so we invited the mastermind behind the Peninsula Hotel’s custard mooncake, Master Chef Yip Wing Wah, and his only disciple, as well as Michelin two-star pastry Master, Lai Wing Koon, to collaborate with us and create a series of high-quality pastries. There are currently 31 stores located throughout Hong Kong, making it one of the largest pastry brands in the city.

The Michelin-star team has meticulously selected high-quality natural ingredients and carefully improves pastries such as Michelin Palmiers, Honeycomb Egg Rolls, Crispy Cookies, and Tonggwoki. They have garnered the highest award, the three-star award, in the “AA Taste Awards”, one of the world’s four major food evaluations.

Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie Michelin Palmiers

Since 2019, the signature product, the lava custard mooncake, has won the “Grand Gold Award,” the highest level of the “Monde Selection,” the world food quality evaluation, for four consecutive years. It is the world’s first and only lava custard mooncake to receive this honor, which has been widely recognized by international authorities and media reports. However, they didn’t sent to me at that time as it was not ‘mooncake’ season.

Imperial Patisserie is well received by Hong Kong people and our products are popular with travelers from all over the world, making it the first choice for purchasing Hong Kong souvenirs.

As a well-known pastry brand in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie has a high reputation in the market. This is the reason why they sent their pastries for us to taste and review.

Michelin Palmiers.

To be honest, we never tried palmier before. Palmier is French pasty and it means palm heart or sometimes it is called palm leaves. The texture is crispy and crunchy and the taste is sweet and depending on ingredients. Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie offers original, hazelnut and earl grey flavor.

Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie Palmiers
Palmiers Delight Gift Set

Michelin 2-star Master Chef Lai Wing Koon, who served as the head chef at star-rated hotels around the world, made use of his expertise in integrating Western-style quality ingredients into Chinese-style cakes and pastries to create a brand-new palmier collection in various extremely delicate and exquisite flavors. The recipe and the size of palmiers have been meticulously customized to make the palmiers crispier.

Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie original palmier
Hazelnut Palmier

There are 4 palmiers per box and 4 boxes in the delight gift case and total of 16 palmiers. The Palmiers Delight Gift Set is priced at HK$ 138 per set.

Hong Kong Story Series Delight Gift Sets.

The prices ranges from HK$ 108 and above. They gave us two sets of palmiers and one set of egg roll.

Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie HK Stories

We all know Hong Kong is famous with their egg rolls. It is a must buy souvenir that you can order online at  https://ipastry.myshopify.com/collections/hong-kong-story

Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie Egg Roll
Honeycomb Egg Roll ‘Earl Grey’

Their version of egg roll is called Crispy ‘Honeycomb’ Eggroll which is more complicated in making. This is crispier for the first bite and it is soft when you munch it. The kids loved this!

Thank you Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie for sending these beautiful Michelin Palmiers and Egg Rolls. It is eye opener for us and the kids loved each and every one of them.

Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie Michelin Palmier
Palmir ‘Earl Grey’

If you plan to try the Hong Kong Imperial Patisserie Michelin Palmiers and Egg Rolls or their famous mooncakes, you can visit: https://www.ipastry.com.hk/ 

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