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How to claim luggage damage in KLIA

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How to claim luggage damage in KLIA

It happens again! My luggage is damaged when it arrives at Malaysia Airport KLIA. This happened during my trip from Tokyo Haneda to KLIA. I saw a huge crack on my luggage and how to claim the damage in KLIA.

klia luggage claim
This is the place you visit to claim your damaged luggage

This is not my first time having luggage damage as it happened in the past and hence I will always check my luggage for damages. This means wherever I collect my luggage in the airport, I will check my luggage for damages. You need to claim the luggage damage within the airport custom area even you are claiming for travel insurance.

For KLIA, the luggage office is located at POS Aviation office. There will be an officer there and he / she will do the damage assessment on the severity of the damage on your luggage.

klia luggage damage
Always check your luggage before you leave the airport

Depending on airlines, some airlines will replace a new luggage depending on your type / value of luggage. Hence, you can also use your travel insurance to get compensation. However, you can only select one option and not both.

Remember, you must claim your luggage damage within the airport custom luggage office or else you can’t claim it at all after you exit the airport.

klia luggage damage from japan
The huge crack

The airlines I took is ANA and I am waiting for their agents to call me next week for the new luggage compensation.

I hope this post helps to claim luggage damage in KLIA. The status of claim for luggage is per case to case basis. Thank for reading.

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