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Japan Weather Now

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Japan Weather Now

For first time traveller to Japan, they often ask about Japan Weather now. It is the most common question to be asked and I wonder why they never search on Google. Instead of Japan Weather now, let me talk about Japan weather for all year round.

japan weather now
Warm weather in Kobe (late September)

As you know Japan has four seasons. They are Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. For the weather in Japan, Spring and Fall is cooling, Winter is cold while Summer is hot.

For the Japan weather and season, spring is from March to May, summer from June to August, fall from September to November and winter from December to February.

Nabana no sato in Winter

I have experience four seasons in Japan during my past twelve trips to Japan but due to climate change, the weather sometimes might not be that accurate.

kobe meriken park full view

For example, I visited Kansai in late September, the weather was hot instead of cooling as it is already in Fall season. It was around 30 degree Celsius for almost entire week before it drop below 30 degree Celsius. Usually the weather temperature should be hovering around 20-25 degree Celsius.

Thus, you need to check Google on Japan Weather Now for more accurate results. For more information about Japan, you can read it at: https://www.placesandfoods.com/japan

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