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Ippoh Honten Higobashi Tempura Omakase Restaurant Osaka

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Ippoh Honten Higobashi Tempura Omakase Restaurant Osaka

Time to share one of our most expensive meals in Japan. This is our first time visiting a tempura omakase restaurant in Japan and this is at Ippoh Honten (Higobashi) in Osaka. We had this tempura omakase meal during one of our visits to Osaka Japan.

ippoh honten osaka places and foods

The Ippoh Honten (Higobashi) Tempura Omakase Restaurant Osaka is established in 1850. It is one of the highly acclaimed and historic tempura restaurants in Osaka. This restaurant is one of the places for officials to meet as they offer many private rooms.

They offer three courses and they are Matsu, Tosa-bori and Edo-bori courses. The lunch set meals are priced from 12,000 Yen to 21000 Yen and more for dinner set meals.

ippoh honten private rooms

The Ippoh Honten Higobashi Tempura Omakase Restaurant is located at Nishiward, Edobori in one of the Japanese home style restaurant.

ippoh honten table

The interior is mainly wooden with many private rooms (zakishi style). Each room comes with ‘hibachi’ style table (counter style table) as dinners sitting facing the chefs.

ippoh honten tableware

We had lunch there with our Thai friend and hence she ordered the meals for us. As mentioned earlier, this is our first time having tempura omakase and what happen is the chef will cook and prepare the food to us on the spot on each item.

ippoh honten masterchef

There are one chef and one assistant. The assistant has been working for 8 years now and he is yet to deep fry the food. His work is to assist the chef and it takes years to learn to become the masterchef.

From now onwards, I will show the omakase dishes and each plate is per person and not for sharing.

ippoh honten beancurd

Lets’ start with their homemade tofu. This is the first appetizer.

ippoh honten grilled salmon 2

Next, is the grill salmon with edamame soup with sea urchin and two small pieces of mochi. The flowers are just for show.

ippoh honten assorted sashimi 3

There is also assorted sashimi with real wasabi. Do take note of their pretty presentation and also nice tableware.

Time for their signature tempura. From what I read from other blog, they use fresh safflower oil. The uniqueness of their tempura is it is not oily and the coating is very minimal.

ippoh honten osaka chefs

This is from their experience chef cooking technique with also their secret batter and ingredients.

ippoh honten ingredients

They also show the fresh ingredients they are using for the tempura. Each course will be guided by the chef and it complements with either salt or other sauces.

ippoh honten Japanese tiger shrimp wrapped in shiso leaf 4

The Tiger Prawn tempura and one wrapped with shiso leaf. The coating of the tempura almost translucent or invisible due to its skill and ingredient. This is the best way to taste the food with the crunchy texture and least batter.

ippoh honten tempura

The difference is significant if you compare it with the usual tempura you have. This is an eye opener.

ippoh honten fish 5

Next is Tempura Garfish. Lightly battered, crispy outer layer and tender meat. Love it.

ippoh honten Oyster and Conger Eel 7

The tempura omakase at Ippoh Honten continues with tempura oyster and conger eel.

ippoh honten sweet potato and soy cheese 6

Time for something different. This is tempura sweet potato and soy cheese.

ippoh honten assorted tempura 8

The last tempura course is tempura vegetables with rice. This is to make sure there is no more tempura leftovers and you will be full leaving the restaurant.

ippoh honten ice cream 9

Lastly, a scoop of Japanese ice cream and that ends the tempura omakase at Ippoh Honten Higobashi Restaurant in Osaka. Thank you to our Thai friend (Khun Kood) for the lunch and it was a great experience.

ippoh honten places and foods

The price range is over 12,000 Yen (RM 360) per person and totally loved it. Since this is an omakase menu, the food ingredients are not listed in the menu of their website (below).

Ippoh Honten Higobashi


Japan, 〒550-0002 Osaka, Nishi Ward, Edobori, 1 Chome−18−35 肥後橋IPビル

Phone: +81 50-5492-3513

Website: https://k032700.gorp.jp/

References: http://zachdevours.blogspot.com/2019/02/tempura-ippoh-higobashi-osaka.html

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