March 4, 2024


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Lake Jindabyne Hidden Gem of New South Wales

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Lake Jindabyne Hidden Gem of New South Wales

It is one of the most memorable places I’ve been. To think back about it, I really missed Australia for this. It was an unplanned journey and it was great.


Like usual, I started an idea of traveling somewhere far off Wagga Wagga, NSW. After consulting housemate Henry, we decided to go to Lake Jindabyne, a ski resort area which is very popular in South of New South Wales.

At that time, we chose a day and then we began to travel to Lake Jindabyne without a map. Hate me or not, I loved to travel around in outback Australia without a map. I did find it very ridiculously interesting.
While on the road, I tried to keep focus on the road as we drove across one of the most breath taking views I’ve seen in my life. The plain, the grass and the sky, I felt like kicking myself for not taking any pictures at that time.

After a 3 long hours drive, we reach Lake Jindabyne. The landscape and the view was really something. We reached the lake, brought our little picnic party and finding a spot for it. While having the sandwiches and coffee overlooking the beautiful lake, the 3 hours drive was somehow damn worth it.


(Rachel and the lake)
After a mere 30 min picnicking, the rain came in a sudden. We packed and left Lake Jindabyne in haste. A lovely picnic turned to a heavy thunderstorm. Since it was Fall at that time, we decided to went back to Wagga Wagga before the sky turned dark.


It was a short moment at Lake Jindabyne but it was well long lasted In our memories.

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