June 22, 2024


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The scenes of Perak trunk roads…

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I was off to Pangkor few days ago and as usual during my drive from Bidor to Lumut, Rachel helped me took a few shots of the beautiful scenes of the trunk roads of Perak.

The baby palm oil estate. It will boom in a few years time.
Can you see the difference between the baby palm oil and the mature palm oil trees?
The huge Sungai of Perak or the Perak River, we were crossing the Sultan Azlan Shah bridge if I was not mistaken.
Padi fields of Perak state.
More padi fields.
The coconut estate. If you look carefully there are hundreds or even thousands of them.

Driving around the trunk roads of Perak are quite enjoying plus the different plantations along the way. The roads are easy to drive and the road signs are well positioned unlike Kuala Lumpur. Kudos Perak!

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