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First Impressions: The Wagga Wagga Zoo, NSW, AUSTRALIA

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First Impressions: The Wagga Wagga Zoo, NSW, AUSTRALIA

The first thing to do during my first day orientation in Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga in 2001 was to visit the Wagga Wagga Zoo. Together with Rachel and other foreign students, we wonder, out of so many places why the zoo first? So then, the bus took us to the zoo. We were explained what’s the real meaning of Wagga Wagga. Wagga Wagga means the “land of the crows” by the aborigins. The funny this was, I never saw a single crow in Wagga, though I stayed there for a year.

The visit to the zoo is purely an introduction to foreigners like us. It was an introduction to animals such as kangaroo, emu and others. The real life kangaroos were much skinner, not as nice as we watched from TV. Then, many would mistake emu as ostrich.

The short visit to the zoo was a great start for us. Knowing the rest better and trust me, we’ve seen many kangaroos after that. The wild ones were in our campus.

In short, the visit to the zoo was a “Welcome to Wagga Wagga, mate!” We had an exciting year in Wagga wagga after that!

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