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World Largest Market at Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand

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World Largest Market at Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand

(Jan 09) – Chatuchak, the largest market in the world, is also known for its role as the weekend market. However, my last trip I couldn’t make it to the weekend so many might wonder, how is Chatuchak during weekdays. I tell you how….

On my very last day in Bangkok, I decided to go to Chatuchak. It was a weekday.

Many might thought that they will be closed on weekdays, well its not all that. Some or most shops are still open on weekdays.

I went to the paintings section and there were lots of impressive painting. I wished I could drive all the way up and bought all those stuffs. Just to let you know, my parents drove to Bangkok before, in fact to Chiang Mai also.

There were lots of plants displayed on that day. I saw lots of pick up trucks carrying plants, maybe there were from outstation or other areas of Thailand?

Transportation was not an issue in Chatuchak. Taxis and even tuk-tuk were on standby if you need them!
In case, you couldn’t take back the stuffs you bought. There’s a few courier companies there can do the job.

How to get to World Largest Market at Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand:

Chatuchak can be accessible by BTS Sky Train (right to the front of the market! Very convenient) or taxis. Taxis are everywhere in Bangkok.

0 thoughts on “World Largest Market at Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand

  1. arghhhh I’m so wanting to go there now. 3 rounds: once to get stock to sell, once to shop for self and another to tour.

    *$$ flying away*

  2. het,i wanna know,if we buy alot of things there,than do u knw any services at chatuchak could send it to malaysia??any trnsoprt services for a big packages exc dhl..

  3. electronicfly: im planning mine next year

    lee: yes they have a few courier services there… Example DHL…

  4. Heya

    im going to BKK soon on a tue-fri. I heard tt CTC is opened on fri also right? Is it around 9am? And was any apparels store operating when u went thr on a wkday? Can u email me? Thanks so much!!

    1. Only a certain section of CTC is open during weekday. If you so keen of going, go to JJ Mall next to CTC, its air conditioned. There are apparels stores at JJ Mall.

      However, I would prefer to recommend you Platinum Mall at Pratunam. More choices there.

      Good Luck

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