July 25, 2024


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Salted Chicken @ Yulek Night Market, Cheras

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Some might called it salt wrapped chicken, but I prefer calling it salted chicken. I couldn’t recall when was the last time I had a salted chicken. Probably it has been years.

A few Thursdays ago, me and wife, Rachel went to Yulek’s night market (pasar malam) for dinner. For a very rare occasion, we ended having a very bad “char kuey teow” and “fried lobak” at one of the lorry stall. Why rare? The stall was packed and the food was horrible! Wasn’t it rare?

Since both of us didn’t finish our foods, I suggested why not take away the salted chicken.


This is the stall we went and this stall has been around for more than 15 years….


The price list….


The salted chicken in the pile of salts in the wok.

We bought a chicken thigh for RM 6.

Happily, we went back home for salted chicken supper!


The wrapped salted chicken….Nicely wrapped to prevent spills of salts.


The salted chicken unwrapped! After minutes of perfect fork and knife techniques, we got the chicken unwrapped!

Chicken was tender and juicy. The taste of the chicken was a little salty and never lacked of taste. It was good. We loved it. We regretted for not getting two.

The stall also opened on Sunday night at Taman Muda night market, Cheras.

Yulek Night Market / Pasar Malam, Cheras (Thursday)
Taman Mude Night Market / Pasar Malam, Cheras (Sunday)

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  1. Ah.. This one.. I would say better than Ipoh one. SALTIER.. hahaha and more fragrant. Come to think of it.. haven’t had that for AGES! Used to eat when I was a kid.

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