July 17, 2024


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The Breast Enlargement Cookie, The F Cup Cookie

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The Breast Enlargement Cookie, The F Cup Cookie
Me and my wife were shopping for perfume at Sasa over the weekend and I stumbled to something interesting. A breast enlargement cookies! Its called F Cup cookie! I was like what the heck? Got such things?

The lovely promoter told me its only works on ladies, I was like….. (since when I said I wanna use it?) Anyways I did read about this cookie on a few blogs lately. If you wondering how it looks like? See the picture below…


Like many curious customers, I decided the take one of the leaflet to read.


Got 2 flavours some more, Choco and Soy Bean….


Click to read it.

Apparently this product is very popular in Japan and Taiwan. It has a Halal certificate and its approved by KKM as a non-hazardous health food.

The product works or not, I’m not sure. I don’t think my wife needs it seriously and the lady promoter said it works on her. Too bad wife was around, if not I would ask “Show me!”

Its available at all Sasa stores and ????? stores. Box of 30 is RM 168!!

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0 thoughts on “The Breast Enlargement Cookie, The F Cup Cookie

  1. I will let my gf see this! haha! But i wont want her to use it. I prefer nature not a F CUP!! GOSH!!

  2. jenkin: no comments… LOL

    jackson: hard to imagine if the thing works or not, to F cup wor…

    wetwetwater: true enuf

    kristin: well, if she wanna show, i wouldn't mind to see right

  3. Because I read from somewhere saying this thing has got side effects though I'm not sure ;X . Anyone tried ? lol

  4. actually, there are people who says the measurements in japan is F-Cup. however, in US, its most likely a C or B. and in Sg, a C.

  5. there have been a lot of beauty blogger reviews on this. apparently when you eat this you have to drink lots of water as it leaves you dehydrated. its efficacy is dubious though. some ppl say it kinda works, others say it doesn’t.

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