July 17, 2024


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Standard Chartered KL 10 km Marathon 2009 Experience

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My best run so far this year. Despite the hiccups and the chaos created by the organizers, the run was fun. It was my 4th run of the year. Even though I’m not getting really good timing but I do still enjoy them.

Went there early this time around. Reached there around 6.15 am, got myself a good parking spot. We were basically stretching around and warmed up a bit before the run. Huge crowd for 10km run, thousands! Love big huge crowd turnouts.


Me, wife Rachel and Spiderman before the 10 km run….


My best time ever, 1 hour 43 min for 10km. Huge improvement from the 2 hours time I did back in February.

Bumped to lots of friends in this marathon. Jason of Smashpop.net, Kennysia, Celine, Evo and my high school friends.

Can’t wait for the next run!

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  1. congrats!! To think tht u actualyl did the run & i was snoring away.. (cover face in shame) ;p

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