February 1, 2023

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I won a Digital Camera @ Kalau Keju, Mesti Kraft Media Launch

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I was invited to Kalau Keju, Mest Kraft Media Launch on the 11th of August at Uptown Car Park. Like usual, I was there early and walking around taking pictures.

The location…

Well, actually its the official launch of “Roti Kraft” and “Burger Kraft”. According to the Diether Shulz, General Manager of Kraft Malaysia, we Malaysians are incredibly creative with our foods, so “Roti Kraft” and “Burger Kraft” are great examples of that creativity. Roti Kraft is the combination of Kraft cheese with the usual roti canai while Burger Kraft is the additional of Kraft cheese with the usual Ramli burger.

The preparation of Burger Kraft. This guy owned a burger stall in Cheras, I promised him that I would try his burger one day.

Personally, I prefer Burger Kraft than Roti Kraft. Yet, such great innitiave by Kraft Malaysia means we could enjoy quality cheese from mamak and burger stalls. Kraft remained one of my family’s top choices in terms of cheese.

6 thoughts on “I won a Digital Camera @ Kalau Keju, Mesti Kraft Media Launch

  1. hahahahahha CK Lam, you should have seen live how SUPERwilson ate his triple kraft burger lol!

  2. Congrats on winning the camera! I was invited too, but unfortunately could not make it as it was a working day :-S Looked like a fun event!

  3. hitomi: tq

    cklam: hope to see u soon

    bbo: dun show…

    pure glutton: hope to see u again

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