May 29, 2024


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Ah Loong Grill Fish @ Wang Zi Kafe, NZX, Ara Damansara

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Thank you Big Boys Oven, Ken of FoodPOI, Richard, Edward and Wang Zi Kafe for the invitation for the food review.

This was the second time I went to NZX at Ara Damansara. Wang Zi Kafe is located just behind NZX complex. Not knowing its history, Wang Zi Kafe is a branch to its famous SS2’s Ah Loong Grill Fish.

There, I met up with BBO, Iamthewitch, Jess and Chris Tock. It was my first time meeting Iamthewitch though, she and Rachel can really chat.


The entrance…

wall of fame

The place has made its name with a number of write ups and promos from newspaper and TV as well. This includes the popular “Ho Chiak” TV show. I would call this the “Wall of Fame”…


We were entertained with a numbers of drinks with vibrant colours. Colourful!


Some might thought its just the colours were nice, but rest assured, it was pretty good.


My personal favourite was the Kiwi drink, I loved it.


The butter escargot came first, priced at RM 15.00. Some might mistaken it as a prawn from the outlook but it was indeed Japanese escargot that was coated nicely with butter sauce and yet it was addictively delicious.

0 thoughts on “Ah Loong Grill Fish @ Wang Zi Kafe, NZX, Ara Damansara

  1. The pork knuckle sound and looks interesting. Not many people can pull off a good pork knuckle as I have tried. Most claim they can but the finished product goes wrong. I'll put this place on my next pork-adventure. Thanks.

    Malaysia Asia

  2. I also have never been to NZX, hehe! So, Babe_KL, u r not the only one! The grilled assam fish looks yummy… the other dishes looked good too.

  3. great food shots! somehow, drinks so colorful make me worry but the amt of coloring going into my stomach! lol

  4. david: thanks for dropping by

    andy: u always hungry

    j2kfm: yeah.. thanks for dropping by

    xin: u superbusy ma…

    bbo: thanks, i guess it wont happened

    foodbin: foods were okay, but food preferences differ from one person to another… its subjective

    babe_kl: many people never also

    pureglutton: same same… lots of ppl never been to there also

    mimid: u like it?

    cumi and ciki: well coloring is everywhere now rite…

  5. I went there for dinner with my family awhile ago. The cord fish is not fresh, the lala was not as tasty as the one I tried in Kuchai Lama. We order 3 types of drinks, 2 of them were not nice too. I do like the strawberry pudding. The customer service is excellent.

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