May 28, 2024


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Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant Food Review @ One Bangsar

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How could I resist an invitation to Bangsar Seafood Garden food review with fellow food bloggers like FatBoyBakes, Babe in the City, Bangsar Babe, A Whiff of Lemongrass, The Nomad Gourmand, Lots of Cravings, Frat Mustard and many more…

Before I start, thanks Jade and Fatboybakes for the invitation.

It was my first time dining at Bangsar Seafood Garden at One Bangsar. Me and wife, Rachel were surprised to see there was a huge group there. We were probably the most junior among them.

boneless chic

The feast started with the Boneless Chicken with Fruits Sauce (Medium: RM 20 Large: RM 40). Chicken deep fried and cut to pieces and it went well with the fruit sauce.


Steamed Red Snapper Fish with Bean Sauce (1 Kg RM 90). Fish was tender even though its fried and the bean sauce was a good combination all together.


Stir Fried Tiger Prawns with Special Curry (Small: RM28 Medium: RM 45 Large: RM 60). Rachel saw this and scooped a bit of the curry sauce and tasted it. The only reaction from her face was good. Well, another thing about this dish was the freshness of the prawns. I heard some holy words from the other side of the table…. “The prawns are very FRESH! NICE!” Well, should I elaborate more about this?


Braised Beancurd Combinations (Small: RM 15 Medium: RM 25 Large: RM 35). The beancurd was very smooth, homemade probably? Not to mentioned the sauce with broccoli, water chestnut and yam. Lovely!

0 thoughts on “Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant Food Review @ One Bangsar

  1. Ohhhh crab shaped buns…so that's what it's supposed to resemble! Thanks for the info. 🙂 Lovely seeing you and your wife again.

  2. niceeeeeee ! i think i read this post 4 times so far.. something laidat.. and 12dozen more to go rite? haha:P

  3. I can read and look at the photos over and over…not bored at all haha. Still taste the food in my mouth man….especially the crab. Oh boy!

  4. lemongrass: Yeah, as always…

    cumi and ciki: i guess so…

    bbo: er… i guess there's more to come..

    frat: when's urs out?

    lisa: i like crabs, trust me…

    jade: thanks for reading

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