June 6, 2023

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RM 1.50 Nasi Lemak @ Sri Weld Food Court, Penang

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RM 1.50 Nasi Lemak @ Sri Weld Food Court, Penang

I remembered that it is RM 1.20 when I read it somewhere but now, it iss RM 1.50. Inflation hits Penang as well like the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

It was unintentional to be there, it was by chance.  It was around 10 am and it was in between breakfast and lunch so it was kinda tricky to find for a perfect place for brunch. Most of the Lorong Selamat’s famous stalls were still unopened at that time so we went around and found this food court by luck.  The place is called Sri Weld Food Court.

We were told that the beef noodle is famous there. Yet, I found something interesting there as well.

The food court at the Beach Street and it is also known as the Sri Weld Food Court. 

The Nasi Lemak Daun Pisang stall in the food court. The freshly banana leaf wrapped nasi lemak caught my attention.

Don’t tell me after looking this nasi lemak preparation (picture above), you are not tempted to try one. The malay owners paid no attention to me, even though I kept taking pictures of their stall.

They sell three types of nasi lemak, the nasi lemak sambal udang (prawn), nasi lemak ikan bilis (enchovies) and egg, nasi lemak ikan (fish). All are sold at RM 1.50 each! That is a steal!

I bought the prawn nasi lemak and slowly unwrapped the banana leaf. The size of the prawn caught the attention of my friends and they were surprised as it’s only RM 1.50. The rice was very fragrant (indulged in coconut milk scent) and not to mention the spicy prawn sambal. It was delicious and you might buy a few of these.

RM 1.50 Nasi Lemak @ Sri Weld Food Court, Penang Address:
Beach Street, Penang

12 thoughts on “RM 1.50 Nasi Lemak @ Sri Weld Food Court, Penang

  1. craving for nasi lemak in packs like this 🙂 any other recommended ones in KL? nearer.. haha
    nice meeting u and your darling! 🙂

  2. witch: i went there by chance… i agree with you, slightly lemak the rice…

    rebecca: must ask Ken tonight

    christine: kl ar… not too sure… waitin for recommendations also

    ihsan: wah… u puasa! its good thing.. probably u want to recommend also good malay foods to me… (puasa biar puasa, tapi buka puasa boleh makan la tu..:P)

  3. yeah… i used to buy nasi lemak from there few years back when i got go do bank transaction.

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